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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweep/Bend/Push/Haul for Three Hours: Lose Almost a Pound

Well, I didn't make it to Pilates.

Our water heater burst during the night. Hubby noticed it, then I woke up to find water up nearly to my ankles in the kitchen and our carpet soaking on both sides of the closet that holds the water heater.

A plumber agreed to come first appt (said 7:30, came about 9).

Before that it was 2.5 hours of almost consistent sweeping of water out the door into the yard, while hubby tried to think of where the main water switch was (this is an apt building, and i had no clue). He found it a round 5 am, and the water mercifully stopped tsunami-ing. We swept out the last pile of it, got oodles of towels to mop out worst of soaking from carpeting, threw out a bunch of stuff that got wet in the pantry closet (boxes with dried goods).

My feet and back hurt some.

I got a few hours of sleep after the plumber arrived, and I woke up to find I was...


So, it only cost $850 and sore feet/back to lose almost a pound "overnight". :)

We have a shiny new water heater, a smaller checking account, and some damp carpeting I'm worried over (mildew, mold). Any suggestions on how to treat them welcome (they are still drying). Fortunately, the weather during the night was cool and dryish for Miami, so things ARE drying out.

I'm happy with the weigh-in, but I wish I could have lost that 3/4 of a pound in a much easier way.

Oh, and I just realized I'm more than 10 lbs lighter than New Year's Day of this year. I had wanted to end the year lighter. Now, I want to end the year at least 15 pounds lighter than I started.

Okay, time to have something to eat (I haven't eaten since 8:30 pm last night). My Dr. McDougall's ready to serve soup (vegetable) arrived minutes ago via UPS (I bought on the recommendation of various online fatfighting bloggers). I hope it's good. :D

Have a healthful, not appliance-disastrous day, guys, ok?


The Better Idiot said...

Point an electric standing fan/desk fan towards the wet space and leave it on. I have the same mold/mildew issues with my tatami in the summer and that's what I do to discourage mold while it's drying.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

OH , yes, good. I've been doing that. I have a standing on and after I sopped up what I could with towels, I aimed the fan to one spot, moved it to another, back and forth. Also, put the a/c higher (though it got pretty chilly!!!!)

I can smell a mildewy smell, and I sprayed some Lysol right ont he spots. I hope when it dries it's okay. It would be a pain to have to replace both carpets.


Heather said...

congrats on the weigh in - sorry about the water :(