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Saturday, November 7, 2009


It really annoys the princess poop outta me when large food franchises bother to put up their snazzy lil websites and leave out nutritional facts.

We had Chicken Kitchen chop-chops for lunch (I left our 1/3 of the yellow rice on mine), but I could not find nutritional info on this online, except for an incomplete one on a calorie site.

Hey, Chicken Kitchen, get on the fricken ball. Give us the nutritional label type of breakdowns for your menu items. If you really want to be helpful, put WW points on 'em, too. How about it?

The Princess commands...

(Now, on the off chance that I'm a total doof and missed it on their site, do check it out and tell me if I missed it. Heh.)


The Better Idiot said...

I can't see any posted online, but I think they're required to give that information if asked, so if you email or call them they should be able to send it to you.

I agree though, it should on there by default.

The Better Idiot said...

Yeah, that's the one. It has two sequels that will be showing in the next few days

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