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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Couple Pics--Hard To Post, too, My Goodness--Of Me In Workout Wear

I'm uploading these to have something for comparison later, as I'm gonna hold on to that optimism that I will transform!

Anyway, I took a side and front view in the sunny garden (lovely day in Miami). Gosh, it's hard to take pics in shorts and sleeveless top. So dorky. But here we go. Me at 268.6.



As you can see, I'm an appley gal, lots of midsection fat--especially that protruding belly competing with my boobies (which are flattened by that sports bra, ick. I have some waist noticeable in the front view (Pilates helps with that). But my belly is a huge, huge thing. Less huge than at 299, granted, but still. And my upper arms could well be holiday hams...

I am happy to see my butt lifted with Pilates. It's a good two inches up there, not laying on my upper thighs. It's so much firmer (ditto thighs. And under all that belly fat, I can feel hard muscle. Ditto biceps. :) My butt, btw, used to be this flat square thing hanging down. Now, I have some curve and uplift. Yay, Pilates.

I plan by my fiftieth birthday, February 20, to have progress pics that show real, real progress. Yes, I do.

Yes, I will.

Note: For the larger gals who are just embarking on working out and having a trying time finding workout wear, I used to get mine at Junonia (when I was more like 300 lbs), but I found the tops at Old Navy (t-shirts and other workout type usable ones, like the sleeveless tanks and camisoles I use for Pilates) are way, way cheaper. I get my workout pants (bootcut, shorts, capris) at Danskin Plus (very good quality, I can wear the pants with nice tops). In this pic, I'm wearing a tank I got a Old Navy that stays put when I'm in weird positions in Pilates. The shorts are from Champion Plus. The wide-size aerobics shoes (not walking ones, those I get from Brooks, great for overpronators) are from Ryka. Very flexible for stuff like Kukuwa/salsa cardio. My microfiber undies (good for when you move a lot) are from Avenue. (But I use Junonia's quikwik briefs mostly for long sesions when I sweat a lot, cause they're very comfy and sweat-friendly. I use Goddess and Glamorise sports bras, cause they carry larger sizes.


Chubby Chick said...

I think you look like a woman who is determined and well on her way to reaching her weight loss and fitness goals! I cannot wait until I am down to 268 pounds! I sincerely hope that I look as good as you do! I'm shaped like a pear though. Lord... how I despise my hips, butt, and tummy!

Paula said...

Good for you for posting the pic - you will be so happy you have the before shots for the comparison later. ;) Here's to wild success!

HMR Girl said...

Woo Hoo!! Good for you! You'll be happy you've done this - it's a great way to track your progress and realize how far you've come!!

The Better Idiot said...

this is so great! I'm glad you're finally seeing the progress you want.

foolsfitness said...

Congrats on both the lossess and the gains!

about the clothes... I think for me one of the milestones is when I able to get into a normal store or out of the "Big Mens" section of one to find clothing.

Then the step after that will have to be me finding someone to teach me about fashion and picking out something other to wear than sweat pants.

At Foolsfitness our idea of high fashion is matching our socks- Alan

Lisa Sargese said...

omg what a beautiful woman you are! You look round and lovely but with a really sturdy frame. Strong and healthy! Avenue undies ROCK! There are many stages of perfect. You are perfect now and in the future as your curves shift and lift. Much love!

Heather said...

your legs are fantastic! I would love to have legs like yours. it seems like no matter what I do, thats where all my fat tends to go (and on my hips). we all come in different sizes and shapes and perhaps we dont always like where we are at, but we do all have our areas that are awesome too.

Anonymous said...

I actually post my scale, so I know what you mean!

Brave woman - can't wait to see how you'll look in February! :D

Lyn said...

Holy cow, I agree with Heather, I want your legs!! You know, if we took your legs and my waist we would look like a thin person! LOL :)

You're beautiful and it's nice to see a pic of you. WTG.