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Sunday, November 15, 2009

One Nice Step Forward, One Small Step Back, and Redeeming Poor Choices

Well, I had another happy weigh-in this morning: 268.0

So, about a half-pound less than the day before. I'm firmly in this "decade", hooray.

But it was a family get-together, and I had 4 hours sleep. Not a good combo. When I feel tired, my brain interprets it as: hungry.

I was in a rush (hairdresser appt way down south, a 45 min drive), so I had a small breakfast (I had to eat SOMETHING). I didn't have time to make my veggies or any other fruit than a quickly scarfed orange. I took protein mix to have mid-afternoon to ward off a binge.

Unfortunately, I made some bad choices, but not as bad as I normally would have. I only took a couple bites of the dessert, though I wanted it ALL.

When I tallied my calories (in a notebook, as I was away from a puter for tracking), I knew I only had a couple hundred calories left for dinner. Trouble.

So, I made a smart decision. Not to skip dinner, but to have a lighter one. I was afraid if I tried skipping or just having fruit or another protein mix, I'd set myself up for a late night binge.

I stopped at Chicken Kitchen and got grilled chicken breast on a garden salad. I carefully measured out 2 TBSP Italian dressing and mixed in lemon juice to expand. I used lots of pepper for flavor. And I ate that huge salad, which wasn't a lot of calories. Because I still had a yen for something sweet (due to that taste of cake), I had a sugar free vanilla Jello for 60 calories.

In the end, I went over 200 cals of my target. Not too bad, really. I stopped and made conscious choices rather than "going with the food flow" and blowing my calories all to hell. I'll pat myself on the back for that.

It's a lesson: It's never too late to stop, think, plan, and make adjustments in order to minimize damage. A day is not done until you hit the sack.

But, okay, I didn't exercise and I'm too pooped now to do it.

Tomorrow, Pilates and another day to do better with food choices and movement. :)

I still feel very good and full of hope....


HMR Girl said...

That's having a positive attitude, and that will get you a long way! Keep it up!! :)

The Better Idiot said...

I think you're right, the good thing here is that you took a breath and thought 'okay, these are the calories I have now what can I eat sensibly that will satisfy me for the longest without going crazy?' and then stuck to it, instead of going 'OMGAFEWHUNDREDCALORIESANDIHADATASTEOFCAKETOOLATENOWNOMNOMNOM' whch would have been very easy to do.

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

I think you did a great job!!! Going a little bit over your target on one day is not going to end your success and you've been doing well so far. And the positive attitude is awesome. Keep that up and you will definitely continue seeing success. :)

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Thanks, guys. Zanita, you cracked me up with that!!!!