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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dr. McDougall's Vegetable Soup and...Down Again!

I've had a loss on the scale every day for about a week now, and it's really encouraging. I started fiddling with my eating almost there weeks ago, but until I got my caloric intake UNDER 2100, I didn't see movement, and until I got it under 1900, I didn't see daily downs.

Yesterday, my body was "off" from the sleep interruption posed by the flooding--see previous post--and I ended up eating two meals and a snack, instead of three with two snacks. My calories were lower than usual at just over 1500. I figured it would be a minor change (possibly even upward, as I ate a very salty dinner and had salty feta with breakfast), but I was nicely surpised:


That's 1.2 lbs less than the previous day.


It's still so cheering to see the different "decade" on the scale. I'd wanted to see it for so long, and there it is. Now, I want it to be a very brief visit and be in a new decade by New Year's Day.

Now, the soup:

I was beyond lethargic last night, so, being hungry, I looked for the easiest thing to fix. Ended up with reduced-fat kosher hot dogs and veggie soup with fruit and Amaretti cookies and cinnamon milk for dessert. I didn't make it to 11 f/v's yesterday. Only made it to 7, but the lack of a third meal made up for it, I guess.

The veggie soup was one of the ready-to-serve from Dr. McDougall's. It's only 75 calories for one cup, 150 for the whole package.

I love this soup. I will be buying this soup as a staple 'hunger control/get veggies/get fiber" diet tool. It had a lovely, satisfying texture (not overly brothy, not overly thick). It had lentils and rice (for complete protein), and that made the texture shine. I didn't find the taste overly salty. The broth was tomatoey, but not aggressively acidic. Chunks of potatoes, bits of peas, carrots.

I liked this soup very much for a packaged soup (nothing's as nice as homemade). One can't quibble with the calories. I had one cup and sprinkled imported parmesan and it was great.

I like the Hebrew National reduced-fat beef franks. I cut off one-third of the hot dog bun to reduce calories, and I don't miss it. Since I'm not a piler at home (ie, lots of stuff on top of the hot dog) I don't need the extra height of bun.

We try not to eat these often. Just when I get a craving. I don't consider hot dogs a healthful food, but they do make me feel like a kid again. Can't deny that.

I'm planning to make a veggie lasagna for supper today....

May we all have a health-advancing day!

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