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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Salty Day Puts the Kibosh on My Losing Streak

Well, the streak hadda end, and this time, it wasn't a binge or overeating. (I stayed in my calorie limit and I ate my 11 fruits and veggies and drank my water, and I had about 41 grams fiber, so I did well.)

No, I simply went nuts with salt/salty foods. It put me up a few pounds, which I know is water weight, and it will come off.

Yeah, I have a weakness for the white stuff, which is ubiquitous in convenience foods, too.

I had cheese at breakfast and dinner, I oversalted my eggs and avocado slices, and I used a salad dressing that even to my salt-benumbed tongue tasted salty. Oh, and jarred salsa with supper's low-fat veggie and cilantro quesadilla.

I wish I had some fresh coconut water to help desalinate here.

Oh, well. All I can do is keep on my plan and try to control my salty urges if I want a nice downtick again.

I need to get to the store and get me some papaya and cantaloupe. I ran out. That'll help, too.

So, what's your white weakness? Salt, sugar, white flour, marshmallows...? :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes and no. Salty Sun Chips yes! Garden Salsa flavor. OMG hold me back. Sugar in any form. Yes. hold me back. White flour in the form of tortillas. HOLD ME BACK. It's a never-ending battle of wills. I so sympathize! Allie

Georgia Mist said...

I switched to nu-salt and other low-sodium seasonings. Don't eat chips much anymore.
Potatoes, though... OH...

spunkysuzi said...

For me it's anything with sugar or white flour! I really try to stay well away from both.