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Monday, November 9, 2009

Links to Informative Comparisons of BodyBugg vs GoWear Fit


Another here.

The comment thread HERE has good info from actual users of both products.

A critical review of Bodybugg by Coach Dean Anderson.

A couple posts by a GoWear user. Another user talks about her first 24 hours with it.

I'm considering one of these. The price makes me go "YIPES!" I'm leaning to the GoWear Fit only because of the sleep monitoring function, as I have sleep apnea. Because my thyroid went kaput over 15 years ago, I suspect I don't burn as much as a "normal" metabolism person.

Plus, gadgets are kinda fun.

Anyway, still mulling it over. Reading that Ali Vincent still uses her Bodybugg makes me interested, but, well, it's a pricey purchase, so I gotta ponder.

If you're using (have used, plan to use) one of these devices, let me know how it worked/is working for you, or which one you plan to get. Did it motivate you to burn more calories or eat fewer. Did it show you sleep disturbances (GoWearFit) or help you be more meticulous about food logging?

And if you want to look into a less techy/cheaper alternative that's like a revved up pedometer, maybe the FitBit?
See ya...

ADDENDUM 11/10: I found this blog whose GoWear user actually screencaps her reports, in case you are curious what they're like...

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Body By Pizza said...

Did you end up getting one? I still use mine. It's the only way I can keep track how many calories I am burning. If I don't know that piece of information, I only have half the equation. At first, it motivated me, but now? I motivate myself. Overall, it was extremely worth it.