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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Okay, Sorry, But I'm Not Digging TBL Resort

See it here, if you haven't already.

When I first heard about it while reading a blog post today, I thought, Ooh, lemme see, lemme see. Sounds great. After all, I'm the gal who has wanted to go to one of those weight loss program places since ages ago--like Green Mountain or Structure House or the Pritikin in Aventura (near to me, but just not affordable) or "insert name of cool resort for weight loss here". Since I was old enough to read VOGUE and other women's magazines and see gorgeous pics and recipes and articles touting the beauty/wellness benefits of these places, well, it's seemed right up there with my dream of going to Tuscany.

Sadly, when I was healthy enough to travel, I was poor. And when I had enough money to travel, I was too sickly and would get terribly ill at hotels, any hotel. (I went deaf after a three day stay in one, my chemical sensitivities went haywire. And it was not a cheapo hotel, either.)

So, of course, I hadda see TBL resort.

Er...not impressed.

I'm sure the results are great and, were I to win a trip there, I might even risk it, on the hope that it's fresh and new and maybe not too toxic on me.

But, er...I find it ugly. I find the scenery ugly and the buildings ugly and the rooms uninspiring. It strikes me as...well...institutional, not resorty. (Note: Zion Nat'l Park has lovely vistas, as I've seen in photos, but around the resort itself, it looks bare and stark and kinda lonely.)

If I'm gonna be away from my beloved hubbypoo and my family and my comforting belongings, I at least want beautiful scenery. I guess I'm too firmly in the "I like trees and flowers" catgory, being the daughter of a gardening-mad mom born in the mountain boonies of Cuba, having spent most of my life in the subtropics (though born in the Caribbean), and the owner of a yard chock full of hibiscus, bougainvillea, a really nifty pink flowering bush whose name I don't know but that makes me so happy, palm trees, a resilient gardenia that bursts into white fragrant blooms twice a year, assorted little "don't know what they are" bushes, and one humongous Royal Poinciana that burns with orange-red blossoms in June (and shadows my front yard, kinda killing my grass, but, oh, well). My mom used to plant anything she could in our yard when I was a teen/twenties--flowers, herbs, veggies, fruits.

I'm used to being surrounded by lots of green with punctuations of bright colors and white.

I'm just not a desert girl. Although Sedona always looks cool to me on television (maybe the color or something).

Now, put a resort near the Yosemite Nat'l Park--or just put it right in the Ahwahnee--or in the highlands of North Carolina or in the Pacific Northwest and I'd be okay. :D I's gotta see some green.

So, there it is. I really am not feeling the beauty of TBL's resort's aesthetic.

Anyone out there find it beautiful?


Anonymous said...

I was bawling when Danny said the reason for his weight loss was because his daughter wanted a round belly like the Dad.

And when she said "I can't wait to start my journey" I lost it!

The Better Idiot said...

It does look like more of a clic then a resort, but as it's functioning as a clinic I would expect that. It may have the word 'resort' in the title, but the description is based very much in the weight loss, so I don't think it's realistic to expect it to look like a holiday place. I would guess they want you to focus on the work, not the place.