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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What Do TBL and Diet Tribe Have In Common Besides Diet and Exercise?

While watching Diet Tribe tonight, it struck me again that Morgan had gastric bypass, though she never got below 255 lbs, and she regained weight. And that reminded me of Ron from The Biggest Loser, who had bariatric surgery...and I guess regained, too? Not sure, as I missed a whole buncha episodes.

I wonder if we're gonna start seeing a lot of WLS regainers on these diet shows now. Hmm.



The Better Idiot said...

So, did the contestants who had the surgery have the band removed, or are they having to have an eating plan around they're smaller stomach needs?

moonduster said...

I have an aunt who had a gastric bypass and regained.

Carla said...

I also have relatives who have had gastric bypasses and regained. It's all about the head, not the stomach. You have to fix that, or the other is pointless.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Zanitta, I don't think it was the band, but some sort of actual cuttinj/rearranging type of WLS. Morgan calls it gastric bypass, which means hers was the radical type.

The P

Linda said...

People I know who have regained figure out that their "new stomach" will stretch over time. They also don't follow good healthy eating guidelines.

I've thought about WLS, but I realize that until I've addressed the "why" of my food addiction, I am doomed to struggle with weight loss, even with an altered system.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I feel the same way, Linda. I never rule out WLS, but if I can't get around my inner and habitual issues FIRST, I will be one of those doomed to regain. And I refuse to suffer the pain and risks of surgery for nothing!!

The P