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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Lot of Regain Among TBL Vets

I've stated it before, and it's worth reminding ourselves, that this is a lifelong battle. It does not end. Oprah is understanding this. And a lot of the veterans of THE BIGGEST LOSER are facing that, too.

MSNBC has a couple of interesting articles. If you're a fan of TBL, you may want to check these out, including the pics:

Did they keep it off? See TBL Contestants now...

Life After "Loser": "Every day is a struggle"



skinnyhollie said...

Thank you so much for posting these links! It's so good to see how the former BL contestants are doing. Even thought some have regained, several have not, and that's great!

Fab Kate said...

Thanks for posting these links! I'd seen some of the contestants who DIDN'T keep off the weight, but not to many of those who DID. And the other day I was worried about Ali, who I'd seen on a 24 hour fitness commercial... but everyone told me she was on QVC yesterday (I missed it) looking GREAT!