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Monday, January 19, 2009

Getting Proactive and "Fruitful"

Although every bit of me wanted to nap, I got my car keys and went to CVS and treated myself to a lipstick and a lip gloss--both a super-cheery pinkish color-- and a woman's magazine and some sugarless Orbit gum.

Because of my slump, I ate crappy for lunch. I know, no excuse, but there you have it. I went for the full fat comfort food at KFC--original recipe two-piece white meat with mashies and cole slaw and corn and a biscuit. Yikes.

So, after CVS, I headed to Julio's Natural Foods and bought enough for three to four meals. I got lentil soup, a baked sweet potato, a mixed greens salad with olives and mozzarella with a balsamic vinaigrette on the side, brown rice, grilled veggie assortment, and a cucumber/yogurt salad with dill. I also got a quart of carrot juice, a quart of papaya and soymilk (which is nice for breakfast), and a quart of Green Goddess smoothie, which has celery/spinach/romaine/cucumber/cilantro/parsley/lime juice/fresh greeen apple juice all mixed together. I also got a 16 oz one with tropical fruits called Cancun. This way, I don't have to think about cooking. I don't have to vex about going to the grocery store. It's there when I'm hungry or thirsty.

Hubby is out of town, so it's me rattling around in the house, telling myself to buck up.

I'm gonna have some Cancun now.

Thanks for the encouraging comments. :*


Kimberly said...

OMG, your lunch sounds so good. :wipes drool off keyboard:

And good for you for getting out of the house. It can really help brighten your day and lift your mood.

Katschi (Karen) said...

I'm glad to hear you got out of the house and treated yourself!!!

re: your comment ~~ so you feel my pain regarding the house!
I have a very difficult time getting rid of clutter especially magazines & craft projects and unwanted gifts.
I like your idea of getting rid of half of clutter & body weight.
Have you ever used Flylady to try & take care of the clutter?
www.flylady.net if you haven't.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I tried her more than once, and, like a lot of other projects, fizzled out. It's a good plan, though. I may revisit her.

Mine really is a compulsion--and folks who don't have hoarding issues can't comprehend the sense of security you get from piles of--in my case--magazines, books, cds, and black Danskin clothes. Heh. I have thousands of books. And how overwhelming it is to even begin to tackle it. It's paralyzing.

If worse comes to worst, I can hire one of those organizer people who work with hoarders/clutterhounds.Sometimes, a professional is warranted. Like a trainer or dietitian.. :)

Thanks for dropping by, woman!

The P