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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Human Body is Weird

Yeah, so I eat canned chili (salty) and cheese (salty) and 1000 calories too many yesterday, but I'm down a pound today to 275.2.

Hm. Maybe the coconut water I had with the onion soup helped balance the salt? Or all those fruits and veggies? (I had 8 servings yesterday).

Okay, so one week into the New Year, and I'm down 2.6 lbs. I'll take it.

And I'm logging on for the first time this year to my Weight Watchers etools account to find out about Momentum, their new system, that incorporates the best of both Core and Flex, keeps the points system, and adds a list of filling foods. Off I go...



Linda said...

Yay!!!! Good job.

Sharon said...

Wow, look at you go with the weight loss. Nice!

Kimberly said...

I just don't understand how this weight loss thing works just yet. The body is a truly weird piece of equipment.

Congratulations on the WL though. It is always awesome to see that scale drifting downward. It is a great start to the new year for you.