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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Quickie Notes on Oprah's Show 1/5/09

Some quotes and notes I scribbled down (probably imperfectly) while watching Oprah's show yesterday about her regain and her plan to get fit again:

"This is a problem in your life that will remain a problem in your life for the duration of your life."
-- Bob Greene

"Bottom line: you have to plan your meals."

"There's absolutely no way that I'm ever,ever going to maintain my weight without some regular cardio exercise...at least 30 minutes a day"

Oprah's exercise plan:
cardio for 30 mins a day
resistance training 5 days a week

Oprah's tools:
Best Life Diet Book
Posted meal plan in her kitchen
~~sample meals
~~~~Bkfst: egg whites, steel-cut oatmeal, green tea
~~~~Dinner: salmon, sweet potato, green vegetable(s)

She also has set aside time for her health and personal needs in her daily schedule.

Segment with Carnie Wilson: she now weighs 168, down 50 pounds in the last 6 months, and is expecting her second baby. And I must say, she looks absolutely, glowingly beautiful. Carnie said she had to get at the bottom of her own soul, asking "What do I really want?"

Bob also emphasized taking time and effort to get to the true answer to some some questions.

Fundamental Questions asked by Bob Greene in his Best Life Diet:

* Why are you overweight?
* Why do you want to lose weight?
* Why have you been unable to lose weight in the past?


UPDATE: I love these questions--as a response to Bob's questions-- asked by Janice of Our Lady of Weight Loss!


Katschi (Karen) said...

I missed the show. I totally forgot it was on this week and was out walking instead. Which is good I guess.
Thanks for some tidbits of the show. I like her sample meals. It's kinda what I eat, too.
I didn't realize Carnie Wilson had gained weight again. It just proves that surgery isn't the magic bullet, IMO.

Mel said...

thanks for the notes from yesterdays show.. I don't have cable anymore and I saw she has a whole week of Best life segments..

Scale Junkie said...

love the quotes. I think this whole Oprah thing really drives home the fact that fat does not discriminate...Oprah is proof. If weight loss could be bought or obtained by spending money she'd have it. Money can help you get to your goal but only your choices can keep you there.

Jade said...

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