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Thursday, August 7, 2008

So Sad, So True

This hasn't been just my experience, but that of most of the folks I know who have weight issues:

Then the "after-after" turns into the "before" and the "after" is less slim than the original after, rinse, repeat.

Which is why I'm not even thinking of fast loss. I keep telling myself--even if it's 1/4th of a pound a week, fine. Just eat smarter and move more, and start building good habits, bit by bit.

Lose fast, regain fast, has been my story. I want a different story.

hat tip to Diet Blog for the drawing.


Lauren said...

this is my story too. I agree with you completly!

Donna said...

Amen! On the one hand, it's hopeless to carry on because I feel like I will fail and gain more. But on the other hand... it's about eating healthy and moving more, regardless of how I look, so I just keep on truckin'.

Best of Luck! We're in this together!

Katschi said...

I definitely want a different ending!