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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dragonfire Factoid: You Can't Always Trust Labels

In 2007, POM Wonderful filed a federal lawsuit against Purely Juice claiming it was deceiving consumers by selling adulterated, imported pomegranate juice. Purely Juice marketed and labeled its product as 100% pomegranate juice, when in fact, seven independent labs verified that Purely Juice’s "100% pomegranate juice" "is not pure pomegranate juice," but rather "consists primarily of cane sugar and corn sweetener, and contains little pomegranate solids." Additional independent lab testing showed evidence of repeated adulteration over a period of several months.
--POM Press Release from July 21, 2008

Purely Juice statement (which doesn't explain the corn syrup, does it?)


Anonymous said...

The information about cane sugar sounds like Pom Wonderful wrote their own self praising press release After reading the press release, it sounded like facts were taken out of context..maybe a little fishy?? I have learned to alway be careful of companies who put out PR that praise themselves! I have bought Purely Juice in the past and actually preferred it to the higher priced Pom.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Absolutely. POM's is a press release, and it's very self-praising. Which,well, companies do that. The justification by Purely Juice is no less self-serving.

The fact is, and a court agreed, that Purely Juice was serving up something other than "purely juice", which is, in my book, fraud. They corrected it, which is great, but I suspect that would not have been corrected so snappily had POM not held their fruity feet to the fire.

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