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Friday, August 22, 2008

Elephant....er, not yet.

Pilates is moving along. I noticed I can do more legwork on the Reformer, so I'm clearly getting stronger. My trainer mentioned that I brought my legs to up to my chest on my own (no hands assist). I didn't even notice. She did. She said the fact that I did it without thinking is a good sign of increasing abdominal strength.

Good. I'll take it.

I did have a couple of moments when the reflux hit and I was close to puking. Urg.

I still can't do the Elephant right. We tried it for the first time Wednesday. We tried it again today, but I kept getting light-headed and we'd have to quit. It's one of those little mountains I intend to climb. :) I will defeat this beast.

I hate doing roll backs. But I hate doing roll backs with a side twist even more. The fact that my fat is highly concentrated in my abdomen means that in such a position, it's VERY VERY VERY hard for me to take a breath. Sometimes, air just won't go in. So, I have to focus a lot on keeping my chest wide, open, collarbones apart, shoulders down. Still, it's hard to breathe that way. I'm thinking as my abdominal fat goes bye-bye (slowly, but it will), I'll be able to do that better.

I suspect that the immense weight I carry in my belly is also the impediment (besides the wooziness) to doing the elephant. In that bent over position, with an arched torso, all that belly weight is hanging down, critical gravity issue! That's a lot of weight to try to counteract with an arch and abdominal muscles. Plus I have size D boobies, and they'd be smothering me (literally, my nose was in my cleavage) during this pose. Oxygen was at a premium.

Still, I always look forward to seeing some progress, and when I do, my motivation to continue with Pilates increases.

On the, "I'm learning not to give a shit about other people's perceptions about my girth" front, I got 1/2 hour early to my appt, and there was a barre class going on (yeah, I'm the fat one...as usual), and I went, ah, so what, and just did my workout and to heck how dumb and ungainly I looked. :)


Kate said...

I actually started my exercise at home with rollbacks and rollbacks with a twist. I didn't know what they were called, but I knew I had to get my abs in shape. Once your muscles strengthen, breathing isn't as hard... even with a lot of fat on the stomach.

spunkysuzi said...

I give you all the kudo's for just trying even if you can't do it the way you would like to.
Pilates is something i would like to try one day ;)

MizFit said...

and here's to carrying that NOT GIVING A SHIT into all aspects of our lives as well!