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Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ever-present Soreness

When you start a regular, challenging workout program, you get used to that ongoing soreness that follows each session, peaking the next day then at low-level until the next peak. The harder the workout, the greater the muscle groaning.

About the only day that I am not overtly sore is Sunday, cause I do Pilates M, W, and F. I'm sore all the time in some part of my body.

I like the soreness. It reminds me that something is happening.

This is different from the constant soreness/pain from when I was on a statin a few years ago for cholesterol. I went about three years with constant muscle aches and sensitivity. At first, it was pretty bad, and I felt like someone beat me with a bat. Then, like many things in life: you adjust. It wasn't until the liver enzymes went up that I got taken off the statin. Within a week, my mind was clearer, my memory improved. Within a couple weeks, my muscle pain receded. It's amazing what you learn to live with as normal. That was not normal, but it took it affecting my liver for the docs to sit up and take notice. Never mind I had such muscle pain that my hubby could barely touch my legs or upper arms without me ouching.

I still wonder if I have permanent damage from those statin years.

This Pilates soreness is a healing, stengthening soreness, not a destructive one. I welcome it. It's building me up, not tearing me down.

Are you having a good sore today. Even butt cramps, maybe? ; )

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HA! Yes... my name is Shanna & I have butt cramps! =) Too funny, girl! Thanks for the mention... I think! LOL