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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fast Food Whoopsie!

Went to a dieting blog and this ad image was on the sidebar:

I like the "don't leave off the XL pepperoni." I mean, there's just not enough sodium or saturated fat without that pepperoni!!!

As a pizza-fiend, a woman for whom pizza is a trigger-a-binge food, this is the last thing I need to see on a diet blog. Oh, lawdy!!!!

Ah, well.

One's gotta sigh and laugh, yes? And also avoid the urge to make a pizza delivery call (not to Domino's, but my fave lil mom-n-pop pizza place that is cheaper than and way better than Domino's.)

Oh, wait. Hope THIS blog doesn't trigger your urge to splurge. :(



Heather said...

mmmmm pizza!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

I know. It's like created by Satan to make us fat it's so sinfully wonderful.


And let's face it, substitute low-cal pizza's are great in a pinch, but real, authentic NY Style pizza with good quality cheese and real sauce....ain't nothing like it.


The P

Chrissie said...

Ohhhh Pizza.. I could go for some of that. Its crazy you saw that on a diet blog thought.