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Thursday, December 20, 2007

A New Low for The Princess &
Catching Up With Some Fatfighting Bloggers

As some of you may have noticed, I'd been using the dehydrated after-one-day-of-a-7lbs-loss of when I had the stomach bug in October as a sort of low benchmark. Well, I passed it. Without a stomach bug.

Today, the scale practically sang at me: 272.4

The post-stomach-bug, my-intestines-are-totally-free-of-matter, I-nearly-live-and-sleep-on-the-toilet weight was 272.6.

It's a mini-milestone.

The next one will be 269. Looks like that won't happen until January, but that's okay. I suddenly feel a second wind that says, "Yes, you'll get there soon."

Other good news:

~Chubby Chick is back on track. Yay. We've got our fave diet cheerleader back in force!
~Teale is also zipping along on that track, losing what was gained and with superb attitude.
~Heather has made it into the--ta dah--170's. We celebrate the loss! I hope next year by this time, I can say I made it to the 170's, too. Or lower!
~Lisa is looking so gorgeous. What a face on that woman! And she's learned how to "float" with self-caring.

Go give encouragement or advice or a hug to:

~Lady T, who needs to figure out how to fit in exercise. If you've managed to carve out time in a busy schedule with all sorts of obstacles, go tell her how you did it.
~Lady Shanny, who really needs to befriend a seamstress. :) Leave her a cheery comment.
~Diana, whose had a blip--medication sometimes will do this.
~Sonya, who's done great in the Challenge, but is struggling this week.

Who I'd like an update from:

~CCC, of whom I hope there is LESS of, since she's soon off to Paris! Just because we're jealous doesn't mean we don't want ya to let us know how the pre-Paris prep is going.
~Caroline, who's been MIA since early November. Come on. We need to hear from you, lady!
~Flabuless, who's cheery face is always a delight, and who doesn't blog nearly enough. It's coming up on two weeks. She's been exercising 2 hours a day (!!!) leading to a 20 lb loss in a few weeks. Swimming, hill climbing, etc, in New Zealand must leave her too tired to update. Post, woman, post! :) (I adore how she pronounces "fat", so it sounds like "fet" as in Boba Fett. Cute.)


Chubby Chick said...

Congrats on the new low! That is absolutely fantastic!

Rah! Rah! Rah! lol

Me said...

Congratulations! I'm going away Sunday but Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then and yay on the loss!

MB said...

Congrats on the milestone!

Lisa said...

I'm floating! I'm floating! Thanks for the awesome acknowledgment. I celebrate your mini-milestone and wish you many more, my dear!

Heather said...

hooray!! I am so happy for you! And thanks for the shout out...hopefully I wont be back in the 180s ever again.

Heather said...
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Living said...

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Krissie said...

I love that you have given me new blogs to read!
Thank you!

Kat said...

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Kat said...

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Kat said...

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Lady T said...

how you holding up dearie?

Things are all well on my end....getting back in gear....despite the candy that i'm having with my lunch. but hey! it was a turkey sub with water!

detox is gonna be a !tch.