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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weight Stuff and Eye Stuff

First the Weight Stuff:

Been fluctuating from 277 to 279. (The latter after a soy/sodium fest at the local highly-praised, chefs eat there after they close their restaurants, Japanese place.) So, really, not doing ideally. I've been eating way too much sweets--La Nouba marshmallows covered in chocolate, Raisinets, Goobers, some stuff hubby got me at the mall from Leonidas--and it's cause I'm fretting about the eye thing. Not an excuse. I know better. Just saying that stress makes me want chocolate, and I've not been saying no.

And this is what I'm fretting about:

I'm scheduled for LASIK eye surgery tomorrow. I'm a total wuss. Instead of thinking benefits, I'm freaking thinking about complications and mishaps. Part of me is conflicted because I have both myopia and presbyopia and outcomes for middle-aged folks is not generally idea. If I get the monovision one (one eye for far, one for reading), I compromise acuity at both ends, and I may not adjust well. And I may not get my driver's license renewed by the State! If I do far vision, given my severe myopia, I will not be able to see anything within, what, two to three feet of me. I'll need reading glasses. (I can read without glasses if it's really close to me, but after about 7-8 inches, it starts to blur.) So, correcting my myopia leaves me like a normal-sighted middle-aged person: needing reading glasses.

Either way, I give up something.

So, we'll see. I may not be a candidate--the doc will let me know after the tests. And I may chicken out--run like a crazy-eyed woman with fear.

If you're the praying sort, please pray that I make a wise decision and, if I go through with it, no complications or further surgeries are needed. Thanks.

Part of the reason I want to do this is to be able to swim at our local pool (which is ONE BLOCK from my house. ONE.) and at the beach (which is a five minute drive away). Right now, without glasses, I'm essentially blind. And so, I've avoided water and rain and stuff for decades. I haven't been to the beach to swim since, oh, 1981 or '82. And I live in Miami. I know, crazy. But glasses do impede.

And when I'm in the shower, I can't see what I'm doing (shaving is iffy). And in the summer, my glasses condense when I leave a cool house or car, and I'm temporarily blind. It's a pain.

But having your vision compromised by complications/infections/mistakes is worse.

So, I've been fretting. And eating chocolate. And fretting.

But, tomorrow is decision day. I hope I just make a good decision and not just an emotional one.

If I don't check in, it's cause I had it done and can't use the computer for X amount of time during recovery.

Be well, all. Eat soundly. Do not follow MY recent example. Do better than I am.

Blessings...oh, and...



Anonymous said...

best of luck to you. I hope things do go well. I can understand the emotional eating, and know it's a tough thing to overcome.

Lora said...

I can understand your apprehension - our eyes are valuable assets! I'm sure the Dr. won't do the procedure if he thinks there's a risk.

Oh...and I'm the "praying sort" so I'll send one up for you!

Lady T said...

oh hunny! my prayers are with you today.....praying that things go well and that you come to peace with a decision.

praying that any procedures are perfect as man can meake them...


Grumpy Chair said...

Hope your surgery goes fine. I have only heard good things about Lasik.

Hilary (feedthewill.com) said...

I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide to do :).

Heather said...

good luck if you go through with it! I would love to get it done, I am also so sick of waking up and being blind and being blind while swimming, etc. my supervisor at work had it done and so far its going well for him. another person I worked with had to have it done twice, but he is also Korean and with the sahpe of his eye, it was a lot moer difficult than it would be for someone else. good luck!

Me said...

I hope everything turns out how you would like. My mum had eye surgery a fair few years back and she was absolutely terrified of the idea, but she says now it was the best thing she ever did for herself.

Robert said...

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