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Thursday, December 6, 2007

PSA: Don't Use Your Credit or Debit Card on Kimkins Website

Medusa is sounding the warning, and I wanted to add my voice:

Please, don't give your credit card or debit card information to Kimkins, the scam diet site. Heidi Diaz is not someone to trust. Just google up her name or do a blog search for Kimkins and you will learn.

Or visit Medusa.

Remember, don't trust lying liars who lie. Especially not with your credit info.

Find a legitimate, scandal free, health-promoting place to lose weight online. Kimkins is NOT it.


Ocean said...

Thanks for spreading the warning about Kimkins ongoing scams! We need to shut down this lying liar who lies and prevent her from spreading her evil!

WildAngel6 said...

It's hard to believe she keeps finding ways to continue this scam!

Fortunately, it looks like the days of Kimkins.com are numbered.

Definitely do NOT use your credit card on Kimkins.com.

What a scary prospect!