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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Princess Lives and is Back on the Weight Loss Wagon after a Side Trip to Valley Gorge

No, I was not abducted by aliens.

I just had a combination of busyness, blogging sloth, and Bad Princess Off Eating Plan syndrome.

Time flies. Even when aliens aren't involved.

So, a recap:

*Drifted off plan in the weekdays prior to Thanksgiving. (Hubby off work; We ate. Or rather, I took it as an excuse to overeat.)

*Ate like a piggy Thanksgiving, which was so good that it was hard to regret. Until I stepped on the scale the Friday after and it was 280.2. My lowest being the Saturday prior at 274.4. I did say the week went badly, yes?

*Didn't really put a brake on things the week AFTER Thanksgiving, so the scale started to scare me daily, without mercy.

*Had a cake orgy (cheesecake; chocolate layer cake) at my niece's birthday party on Sunday. On the plus side, got some exercise playing with the kids, which showed me how utterly dreadfully out of shape I am, cardiovascularly-speaking, cause I was soooooooo gaspy.

*Tried to rein self in without using the usual, tried-and-true tools (measuring, planning, journaling religiously, blogging, getting support, etc.) That didn't work so well.

*Got busier.

*Decided the sloth and gluttony was getting out of control when lackluster, undisciplined efforts yielded no results. So, began retracing steps to sanity over last two days.

*Am back on track as of yesterday.

Yesterday: I finally, FINALLY, sat down and began the Beck Diet Method. I did my first exercise: My Advantages Response Card. I have 41 advantages on there, and I had to make up THREE cards to fit them all. But, the exercise said to think of as many reasons as possible, and I did. If I think of more, I'll just add them.

Today: Day Two--I need to complete my Day One stuff (I fell asleep before I could) and place copies of my ARCs around the house and begin to get in the habit of reading them twice daily. I also will do the day two exercise of the therapy says I am to pick two reasonable diets.

I'll be posting regularly again (barring another whoopsie with BellSouth, which had our internet access down nearly the whole day Monday). I'm sure I'll have another post today, too. To catch up and to do my Tales from the Scales challenge weigh-in.

I want to thanks the lovely ladies who posted and prodded and checked up on me--you know who you are--for your encouragement. God bless you with many things for your kindness and concern, including with a major loss this week. :)

Smoochies from The Princess...


Dee said...

Welcome back!! I missed your posts. Well done for getting back on track and taking these steps. One pound at the time....

Chubby Chick said...

Awww... I'm glad you're back on track... and back to posting! We missed you. :)

honib1 said...


Heather said...

well hey, at least you are being accountable for everything and know why your weight is up. I also had a cheesecake incident! lol.

But the beck method sounds great and I hope that you find success with it.