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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tale Scale: Gluttony and Sloth = Regain

Okay, so here I am: I missed two challenge weigh-ins in November.

The reason for those absences was, as my previous post explains, that I was besotted by days of feasting in Valley Gorge.

But all vacations end, and not everything one does in the Gorge stays in the Gorge. In fact, what one does in the Gorge shows up on the scale.

~My last challenge weigh-in was 274.8

~My highest weight in the interim from then til now was 280.2.

~My current weigh-in (ie, this morning) is:


Obviously, I was not alone in Valley Gorge. I had lots of Overeating Ogres attending to my desires with their supersized green hands.

If there are lessons to learn--and there are--it's these: Ceasing to use the tools is disastrous. Ceasing to be vigilant is detrimental. Ceasing to keep one's eyes on the goals is demotivating. And it's very easy to feel like we deserve that slice of cheesecake or that extra serving of mashed potatoes or that second helping of X, Y, and Z.

Ultimately, I packed on 5.8 pounds (with some of it water, I know) in five days during Thanksgiving week. Then I struggled, slightly, not to over-over do after that, which let it come down about a pound. (Mostly water, I know.)

How easy to go up. How hard to come back down.

But this is a quest. This is an ADVENTURE, and as such there are battles major and minor and pleasures big and small and allies and enemies. And it doesn't always (or even often) go easily. Not many things of great value come easily.

Today, like every day, is another day to get it better, to get it MORE right, to get it moving in a good direction.

My desire to be on plan now outweighs my desire to linger in Valley Gorge.

It was good to visit my blogging pals today and find many successes. It made me sad to see others are struggling (from a little to a lot). Please drop by the blogs of those who are struggling and send a supportive comment. Please congratulate those who are flying down the scaleway.

It's nice to NOT be alone in the quest.

Now, here are some online bloggers who, like me, have been sidetracked or totally derailed. I covet prayers for myself and them:

Lady T
Chubby Chick
Kim Ayres

For those struggling to recover, like me, or who want to avoid holiday pitfalls in the coming weeks, visit Grumpy Chair's excellent and useful post on mapping a path to weight loss.

Now, here are bloggers who inspire me today with their achievements, with how they are using their tools and staying on plan and moving forward:

Lady Rose

CCC (and her cousin D)
Wallow Girl
Tiger Lilly
Lady Shanny, who is especially inspiring and motivating to me today. Thank you for your terrific posts.

Onward and DOWNWARD!


Mama Bear June said...

Staying in the fight is the important part. And I loved the humor in your post. Hilarious! :-D And I agree, Lady Shanny was especially inspiring today!
Path to Health

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Well the good thing is that you've come to your senses and fessed up. Now lets go slay that dragon. I love your blog. It's really cute and commical.

Heather said...

great to hear from you again! and seriously, that is not so bad at all! I know that no one likes to see a gain, but you can get that off in no time. You are right, it is a journey and there will always be hard times for you, but I know you will get back on the right track. I know I read everyones blogs when I need inspiration and encouragement so hopefully now that you are back you can come by for some encouragement and get back on track.

Kerith Collins said...

you are funny...I am new to the tales from the scales group...but you seem to be back and are loosing again...and funny...