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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Kimkins Still Sucks

For those who haven't been keeping up (er, like me), there are new developments in the Kimkins scam and Heidi Diaz adventures (AKA the lying liar who lies). You can start your catching up over at Kimkins Scam And Medusa's blog.

And it seems I missed Tippy Toes's banning and "turnaround." (Okay, so I reserve a tad bit of skepticism, while nurturing hope.)

She's learned that chronic liars and scammers don't stop lying and scamming. And we've learned what we suspected all along: Heidi was raking in big bucks while doling out pittances to the people really doing the work to keep the site going. The emphases are MINE:

But recently Kimmer had a deposition with Teidt. I saw parts of it. Kimmer told me she was in danger of losing her car. She had financed it to build credit and can no longer make the payments. She couldn't buy milk on her ATM card... And so I then learn from her own deposition that she had 1.6 million in cash, spent almost half a million on a house just prior to deposition, and that she bought two cars with CASH. It was then I realized Kimmer was not really coming clean as I had hoped she would. Things really were not changing after all. And her photos on the front page... I had recruited Brian and Heather to be out there with her losing weight. I began to notice that Heather was losing a lot of weight pretty quickly and Kimmer claimed about the same loss. But suddenly Kimmer looked 100lbs less than Heather and I knew something wasn't right. It was really the final straw for me. I have asked Kimmer numerous times what Kimkins plan she was following and never received a reply. This, combined with the rest was too much for me and I decided to take a break and reflect on the situation.
--from Medusa's "TippyToes Spills the Beans! Sort of..."

So, she went on a spending spree right before her deposition. I'm guessing in California a house cannot be taken in bankruptcy? Hmmm? Yeah, she's sheltering her money before anyone can get some. She made people work for her with pay cuts then for zero money, claiming she had no moolah, while enriching herself with a house and two cars. Can we say evil, rotten bitch?

May karma bite her a big one on her ginormous butt. Soon.

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