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Thursday, December 6, 2007

If you like fantasy fiction and fantasy art

The Princess Dieter (ie, ME!) is a fantasy-loving royal freak.

Let me recommend a novel: WIND FOLLOWER by Carole McDonnell.

I really enjoyed it. It's a multicultural fantasy (set in a non-Earth world that mirrors our world) and it has a very Christian spirit. Part love story, part "finding identity" story, part tribal conflict story, it's a good read. I know fantasy is not everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed that African/Asian/Native Amerian/European cultures are mirrored (without being copied exactly), and it's not just a bunch of white elves bopping around in medieval outfits. (Not that I can't enjoy that, too, but, you know, that's become sorta cliche.)

In case you were looking for a read during your holiday days off.

And if you're looking for a lovely book for children (to read to them or to let them read for themselves if they're able to read at that level, say 8 or 9 or 10), here's a gorgeously illustrated and delightful tale with a lesson about accepting and respecting those who are different: The Woman Who Outshone the Sun/La Mujer Que Brillaba Aun Mas Que El Sol. I was enraptured by this poetically scripted Mexican tale and the excellent, colorful artwork.

I also got my 2008 wall calendar, and it's full of artwork from one of my favorite artists, who specializes in fantasy art, including covers for children's and adult fantasy books: Kinuko Y. Craft. If you enjoy intricate art of wonders, I can recommend it. Utterly stunning. Visit her website and enjoy her immense talent. It's like giving your eyes a gift. And maybe it will sate an emotional appetite so that you don't nibble on a no-no. (Hey, it's an idea!)

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