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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Keeping Holiday Stress (and Year-End Weight) Down

Diet Blog has a good article about managing the stress that comes along with the holidays--and we know what stress makes some of us do, don't we?--which I recommend y'all read.

I especially found valuable the part about analyzing self-talk and spotting our own exaggerations. Oh, yeah. I'm prone to that! That particular bit of advice meshes well with the BECK METHOD stuff I've been reading/applying.


honib1 said...

self talk is the greatest tool we have or the worst I think.. when the self talk is postive and motivating its great.. but when that shedevil appears.. and tears you limb from limb well... then its bad.. i prefer the good stuff..

Heather said...

that is very true. the more we tell ourselves positive and uplifting things, the better we will feel and deal with stress.