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Saturday, May 26, 2007

CCC, Me, Salt Orgies, and the Bloat Troll

Seems like it's a bloaty week in the FatFighter community.

CCC posted about her tight rings and bloat issues, and how it affected her weigh-in.

Well, Friday, I'm surprised someone didn't show up at my door with a dowsing rod pointing right at my torso, and a team of well-diggers right behind insisting they'd STRUCK THE MOTHER OF ALL WELLS!

I put on, overnight, FOUR POUNDS of waterweight gain. How do I know it was waterweight? Oh, please. No one gains four pounds of blubber overnight. Heh.

No, it was a salty bowl of soup at lunch and a salty cup of chili at dinner with some salty tortilla chips and BAZOOM, there she blows.

Yeah, I woke up the day after the Salt Orgy, and it was like the Hydro Fairy had whacked me on the head while I slept. Rings tight. Eyelids poofy. Shoes snug. Ankles heaving out to there.

My poor, poor kidneys.

It's not good for the body to have so much salt. Certainly not mine. My blood pressure went up a bit--from my usual 120/80 to 135/80--from the salty overload and fluid retention. Horrible!

So, no hot dogs this Memorial Day weekned. No tortilla chips and salsa, no matter how carefully measured out. No sodium-heavy soups. But just don't ask me to give up cheese. It's , as John Malkovich says in DANGEROUS LIAISONS, "beyond my control."

We all have our non-negotiables. For some, it's that half-cup of ice cream at night; for others, it's a piece of chocolate after lunch; for others, it's cream in the coffee. The Princess must have a daily dose of some kinda cheese. I can make it low-fat, sure, and I can make it reduced-sodium, but you know cheese is never going to be nice without a good portion of its salt content. Just how it is.

But balance is king. Or Queen. And bloat can be slain, like any nasty troll. Yes, this weekend, I'm slurping smoothies and munching on fruit to get potassium into the Princess systerm in order to help my beleaguered kidneys drain me of the excess fluid.

I imagine I'll be extra chummy with the bathroom. :::flush:::

Anyway, best of luck to CCC in the post-bloat weigh-in (watch her lose like 3 or 4 pounds, watch.)

And, between restful naps, home chores, family gatherings, and shopping this Memorial Day holiday, may we stop and remember the fallen, those who died so that we can enjoy all the blessings and security and freedom that we have in this land. Freedom's not free. Someone fought for it. Some fought to their deaths.

Remember and be grateful.


Lora said...

Water weight - ughh! It's the worst!

Actually - to get rid of it - drink more! It works :-)

***CCC*** said...

Down with bloat! Down with salt! Bah!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!! Did you manage to avoid all the salty goodies and chug water? I think I did...

And thank you for the encouragement. It's so awesome to receive support!!!

Have a good week, Your Highness! We can do this!

Lady Rose said...

Salt is definitely more evil then most people know -- it's every where. Lady Rose

Zanitta said...

hey, where are you princess? everything going ok?