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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday Weigh-In: The Same After Some Dereliction of Royal Diet Duty-- plus Vitalicious Muffins ...MmMmmMmmmm

Today's scale number: 284.5

The good news: I didn't gain.

The not-that-great news: I didn't lose.

Well, I've been absent for a spell. I have been busy, so my posting has been limited to my main (writing and life) blog. I've had dental woes (finally being solved), and leaky roof woes (not solved yet), and hot weather blues, and hurricane anxiety syndrome (H.A.S.), which is what comes of getting whacked around like a puny bug two years running (2004, 2005), hence the still-damaged building leak thing.

Plus, after being AWOL for 4 months, my period decided to show up. This explains some of the ghastly bloating last week that utterly kept me off the scale.

But, the raging cravings have passed, and I managed to survive the chocolate frenzy with Vitalicious deep chocolate, high-fiber muffins and the occasional Dove dark chocolate individual-sized bites, and not just stick my face straight into a vat of chocolate batter.

This, I take to be good.

I should have known my old and lately unreliable Aunt Menses was coming to visit cause I had the chin zits and the alternating sweet and salt cravings. I so rarely eat potato chips, that when I reached over to eat my hubby's bag o' chips, I should have seen a flashing red light and heard a booming voice hollering, "Warning! Hormonal fluctuations to port, Captatin! Take evasive action." Or to portly, as it may be.

I didn't evade. I ate the darn chips. More to bloat over.

But, I did exercise some care, went to bed a bit hungry a couple of days in the last two weeks, so I didn't regain. And, I'll content myself with that. Maintaining some loss is always better than regaining any loss.

So, how are you, gents and ladies, doing this week. I feel re-energized for the fight after a very unmotivated and cravy couple of weeks. I plan to post daily--for my own good, and certainly, hey, if it helps anyone else, HURRAH!

I hope you did much better than I. And if you slipped, too, ah, forgive yourself. Move on. Always move on in hope.

Anyone else dig those chocolate Vitalicious muffins? (I tried the low-carb ones a couple years ago and thought they were DREADFUL! Never ordered again until last month, when I thought, well, Hungry Girl loves em, and maybe the regular ones are okay. They're very okay. The deep chocolate ones rock for choco-cake cravings. One point for the tops. Twice that for the muffins. That's a WW bargain because the fiber makes it pretty filling! With milk, one top make a great mini-meal (especially if the sweet tooth is gnawing at you.)

Stay away from the low-carb ones, though. Ew.

Here' hoping next week sees a 2-3 lb decrease.


Zanitta said...

ooooh, I wanted to try those when HG did a thing on them but they don't sell them this side of the pond. On reflection that's probabaly a good thing because as with mini-doughnuts (and so many other things), one may be fine, but 25? not so much. I just have no control around things like that.

Lauren said...

I like your blog and I'll keep coming back. Great job on the maintaining. I binged on pizza this week for the first time in weeks. I've been doing really well until I got there, so I'm going to wait until next week to weigh in to avoid the fallout, hopefully.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Zanitta, the nice things about the tops (which aren't as cakey and yummy as the muffins themselves, but still nice), is that they come individually wrapped and are one point. So, even if you eat, three, you only ate 3 points, 300 cals, and a limited amount of fat. And the fiber will fill you up before you can gulp down a dozen. Unlike donuts, which seem to airy and light, that you swallow them and hardly feel them in your gut.

The individual wrapping psychologically makes you stop and notice, whereas a big bag or box of donuts is just syaing, HAVE MORE MORE. Ugh.

Hey, Lauren. Welcome. Thanks for the hello.

Pizza's tough. I'd have to rank pizza as in my top five BINGE foods along with tacos and burritos and pasta. And the white flour carbs thing really does impact a weigh-in. Plus the salty cheese additionally bloats ya. It'll kill a weigh in. Lots of water. Lots of fiber. Lots of veggies. YOu'll be okay.

I don't blame you, Lauren, AT ALL, for waiting to do the weigh-in.

Cat said...

Hi there! I'm loving your blog so far and just getting back into the blogging game myself. I'll visit often! :)

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Hey, Cat! saw that 15 lb weight loss. Woo hooo!