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Friday, June 29, 2007

The No-Balance Gnome Strikes:
Time Flies and Weight Loss Stalls When The Mind Gets Into One Track

Wow. Has it really been that long? Two weeks and two days? Wow.

Okay, first, the apology: Sorry. My bad.

Next the realization: I apparently can't concentrate on more than one thing at a time and I don't have the skills (yet) to undertake two or three major things simultaneously.

When I was focusing on losing weight, I started losing weight.

When my focus shifted to the fantasy novel and the current pre-planning for the launching of our speculative fiction online magazine, the diet went out the window. I have actually been scared to step on a scale.

I did get my first shipment of vegetarian fare last week, and I ate about half of it. But then I wasn't planning meals, I was just reading, writing, plotting, graphing, and writing. And I made some time to keep up with my main blog, but then I was back to the main mission.

It's really, really hard to give priority to two things, and three things is exponentially trickier, the Princess Dieter now knows.

So, how do I make time for both?

I'm not sure. Anyone have advice for how to stay on the plan when they have deadlines or intense projects or other upheavalish affairs?

I know that today, I sort of snapped up and though: Holy Cow. I haven't diet blogged. Come to think of it, I haven't even much dieted. (I think being sick since Monday has sort of slowed me down in the creative department, which made it possible for my brain to focus on what had been neglected.) I'm not kidding. I'm still astounded it's been 16 days. It doesn't seem possible. It feels like it's been five or six days.

I'm leaving the scale alone until next Wednesday. I'm feeling booby-sore and face-zitted, which may mean Aunt Flo will soon come by in a few days. (At my age, not sure, though.) Not the time to weigh-in.

On the menu for lunch (from Diet to Go): Black Bean and Feta Cheese wrap. I'll be adding some leftover black bean soup to that for extra fiber. Iced Tea with sweetener. My snack is an apple with some peanut butter. Dinner looks like mushroom ravioli or mac n cheese (haven't decided).

I've gotten some good creative work done (not great, but good), and I realize that as much as I need to get this proposal and novel done, I really need to take a walk and buy some fruits and veggies to supplement the Diet To Go stuff. I've been single-minded, one-track mind Princess, and that means everything else is off-kilter.

Any tips on keeping a balance? I seem to be terrible at balancing.


groovybabe said...

I don't have the answer you are looking for. I find that I have to focus 110% on my diet or it fails. Good luck with working it out and dont forget to let us know the answer when you find it! From groovybabe

***CCC*** said...

No answers here as I am far from being a Multi-Tasking Maven...

Just wanted to let you know I'm sending you lots of positive thoughts and vibes and I know you're going to get back on track and kick some dieting booty when you're ready.

Hang in there, highness!