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Friday, June 29, 2007

Dragonfire Factoid: Beware Diet Drugs

"(Diet drugs) can be safe in the short run only," said Dr. Stanley Hodges, medical director of hospital internal medicine associates at Indian Path Medical Center. "I prefer them not to be used any longer than an eight-week period of time. Anorexiants (one category of diet drug that diminishes appetite) have a tendency to cause elevation in blood pressure, increase your risk of heart attack and stroke. ... The long-term effects are not good, as far as what it does to your health. When should they be used? They should be used as a last resort."

--Losing Proposition: Weight Loss Drugs Should Be Last Resort


Lady Rose said...

I agree - diet drugs are not the answer. Though in my younger (dumber) days I had taken them. NOT any more!

Stop by and see the new castle! I am now "officially" titled Lady - as a fair maiden yourself, I thought you might enjoy it too.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose

groovybabe said...

I am currently using xenical. It doesn't reduce the appitite only puts the fear of side effects on me to the point where I don't eat. I would not have got this fat (11lbs loss) without them so I am in favour of them. I did try reductil before and lost 16lbs on that but then they stopped working after a month or so and I walked out of my job at the same time so it all went back on.

I find though that exercise is the best appitite supressant of all.

Anonymous said...

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Spunk said...

I considered using diet pills, but the possible effects scare me way too much.