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Sunday, July 29, 2007


Did the evil fairy whack me into a Gobbling Goblin? I think so.

I've been continuing the unbalanced road. My nose in craft books, my fingers on keyboard, my butt in chair, reading and writing, reading and plotting, plotting and outlining, outlining and writing some more. And tackling the DREADED SYNOPSIS (preliminary, anyway.)

Meantime, my mouth has been on a rampage.

The damage done: Got on the scale today and it's...


After a bit of wailing, hair pulling, and self-denigration.

I checked the blog and, geesh, I've not only been missing in action, I've been in another dimension altogether. I kid you not. It did not FEEL like this long.

Okay, so, I'm taking some action. Clearly, good intentions aren't doing it and until I get the novel finished, my life will be unbalanced and screwy and I have to work around it.

1. I just went to amazon.com and ordered some motivational books for

2. I'm gonna put sticky notes all
the bathroom mirror and in front of the computer monitor--two
places I can't avoid. (Anyone have suggestions on some good affirmations?
Pick-me ups? Motivational quotes?)

3. Shop for a bunch of
healthy stuff.
(ie, pack the fridge and pantry with what I need, which
I haven't been doing. I have had the Diet-To-Go delivery, but I still was
ordering take-out for dinner with hubby, and then I ended up eating stuff with
him like lasagna and pizza and Chinese food, etc. This has sabotaged the calorie
controlled portions DTG sent me. And this meant my fridge accumulated food over
the last three weeks, and has no room for anything else. At least I'm stocked
with vegetarian fare.)

4. I'm gonna stack some exercise tapes
right at my desk
and put the weights where I can't miss them.

Any other suggestions?

It would have to be pretty simple stuff, cause if I have to THINK about it, I will shunt it aside. Right now, writing my novel is priority 1. But I don't want to lose ALL MY PROGRESS, and I'd like to lose a nice amount by Christmas.

For all you FatFighters out there, I dropped the sword. The Gobbling Goblins possessed me.

But the exorcism is on!

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