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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Doctor Calls and The Princess Frowns

My doctor's office called a few minutes ago. My lab results are "off" in a couple of areas (cholesterol; liver), so she wanted to see me. I made an appointment for Friday.

Tomorrow, I see the endocrinologist. She has the same lab results (or should), so I'll find out the bad news.

I think I'm feeling suddenly re-MOTIVATED.

Scary news does that, huh?

I used to be on a statin drug for cholesterol for a couple of years, but it was damaging my muscles and liver, so I got off it over a year ago. Since then, the cholesterol has gone up some, but not horrendously so. I guess it got much worse. Dang.

The liver has had "off" tests on and off. When I was at my highest, it was in bad shape. When I lost some weight, it got back in normal range. The cholesterol drug messed it up; ceasing the Rx helped. But an ultrasound a couple years ago showed I had a really fatty liver. No surprise. When you're as fat as I am, the liver takes a hit.

Oh, well. I guess health has just taken priority one...

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