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Monday, May 14, 2007

Sparkly Factoid: Coconut Water's Benefits

Coconut water, the fluid in coconuts, can be helpful in treating PMS. Because of the high levels of potassium and magnesium, vitamin C and trace amounts of copper, phosphorus and sulfur, it corrects electrolyte imbalances even better than most sports drinks. The World Health Organization also recommends it for stomach problems. In addition, researchers in India found that coconut water may help reduce the symptoms of heart disease. Other studies suggest that coconut water may help to detoxify the liver. And subjects who drank coconut water were shown to have lower cholesterol than those who didn’t.

--HerbNET Ezine, March 2007

Note: Princess Dieter reminds readers to buy coconut water that has NO ADDED SUGAR. I've tried and enjoyed the GOYA, CONCHITA, and ZICO brands. If you buy with pulp, you may prefer to strain out the pulp, then nibble on it later. Alway chill. It's great to refresh in summer when chilled. And when you've had too much salt, it's a great debloater, due to all the potassium. (11 oz of ZICO coconut water has 670 mg of potassium!)


Incredible Shrinking Ladies said...

I've been meaning to try coconut water ... great to read more good things about it

Mama Kelly

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Drink it very, very cold. That really is refreshing. AND..if you can ever get ahold of the real thing--ie, a green coconut that some person sells whole, chilled, and slices a hole and plugs in a straw for you to sip, that's a treat! I first had that from my dad, then in Puerto Rico on vacation. Then in Cuban part of Miami. YUMMY.

Princess Dieter

John R. Ferrell said...

For you cooks out there, you can substitute Zico for nearly any recipe that calls for water to add a mildly sweet, unique flavor. It was the hit of the weekend at this year’s Cook Eat Drink Live event in Manhattan. Cook Franklin Becker of Brasserie called it “the find of the weekend” at the gourmet food event.

Zico Pure Coconut Water’s naturally high potassium content makes it the perfect addition to mixed drinks because it adds a mildly sweet flavor and helps to fight hang-overs.

John R. Ferrell
Zico Operations Manager