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Monday, May 21, 2007

Overeating Ogre Attacks:
Stuffed Shells and PIzza and Meatballs

I went slightly berserk in the presence of Italian food yesterday.


I did not follow the sound rules to keep the Overeating Ogre in his lair and away from my house:

~~I didn't drink my glasses of water.
~~I didn't eat my breakfast right off (eggs or otherwise filling options).
~~I didn't plan what to have while brushing my teeth
~~I didn't have my protein snack
~~I didn't focus on fiber

No, I got distracted with stuff and put off eating until I was ravenous: Ogre rising!

And then the take-out demon called my name.

So, okay, instead of four or five slices of veggie pizza, I had three. Instead of two meatballs, I had one. Instead of four stuffed shells, I had two, without the mozza on top.

And then I made sure to go easy on the rest of my eating that day. No more bingeosity.

Today, the scale didn't budge upwards. Yay. But it didn't go down. Aw.

Still, it taught me simply that if I do NOT do what it takes to keep my appetite monster in some sort of nap state, it will rise and take over.

So, how did y'all do this weekend? Stayed on plan? Went berserk? Somewhere in the middle? And how has Monday been faring?

Now, I gotta go drink my whey and two glasses of water. Or you know what beast will awaken!



Zanitta said...

Considering my first instinct was to go 'mmmm, italian food' I think I may have missed the point of your post ;) Re: Your comment, I always think it's just me being a bitch, and then I have a built in excuse for it once a month, so yay I guess? bright side and all that?

Mirtika said...

It's healthy to have a wee bit of bitch in one. If not, you're just a bland doormat, I say.

But Italian food, being the world's absolute best, makes everyone with any sense go MMmmmmmMMMM... :)


Lady Rose said...

I have that happen a few times along this long journey to lose weight. It's not pretty! I've learned to try and have a back up plan - like just today I forget my two apples (I only had my two protein bars and diet sodas packed) -- luckily I had a spare orange in my desk and a can of V8 juice (low sodium) so I was able to make it through the day. I will have to replenish my office emergency supplies now - but at least they were there for me! Lady Rose

***CCC*** said...

Aww, it happens to all of us. DH and I went out (again!!!) to celebrate the anniversary and eek! There was chocolate cake involved (again!)

The key is to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep trucking.

Learning to do better next time is another perk...I bet you'll be fine by WI day. Just watch!

BTW--I love love love your blog! I'm just exploring "loser" blogs and I am enchanted...the theme is genius and I'm honored to be on your royal list, your highness!!!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Thanks for the tip Lady Rose. I haven't had V8 in years. A low-sodium one sounds actually pretty good to me. And, hey, a veggie to meet the minimum five a day!

CCC, thanks for the compliments. So, sweet. :) AND, in the Princess' philosophy, anniversaries are FREE DAYS. You get to enjoy CAKE. And birthdays, too. :) And you gotta have pie on Thanksgiving. But, hey, a few times a year isn't disaster.