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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Weigh-In: Minor Progress

Today's scale number: 284.5

Down, officially, ONE POUND since last Wednesday.

Okay, this is disappointing given I was down one pound more than that earlier in the week. But, just goes to show how slacking off doesn't help. Or a salty Indian food buffet lunch. (I knew that spinach was overloaded and salty, and yet, I love that aloo palak and I stuck it in my mouth.) I had two overeating days--one of them downright bingey--and the others were just okay, meaning not tightly disciplined. And I only went for a walk one day. Of course, that's the first time I've gone outside for a walk in...well...many, many moons.

However, the right perspective for a Princess is optimism: It's DOWN. I didn't lose ground from last weigh-in. Down in a plus, no matter how little.

Perhaps this is the motivating kick I need to actually GET ON THE TREADMILL. :)

So, just one tiny banner wave for this weigh-in.

How did your weigh-in go? How about the battle to add exercise?



Lora said...

I've made a pact with myself that I'll walk 30 minutes - every day! So far I've done pretty good.

I hear you on the treadmill. My daughter asked if she could have ours and could I find something else to dry my sweaters on....

But outside walking is actually better - so keep at it!

***CCC*** said...

Down is down your highness! Good for you on that front...and for sticking to the workout routine!

I won't face the music on the scale until Saturday,but I set out this week to ratchet up my workouts from 3 days to 4 and so far, I've got 2 days in.

And a workout planned for tonight after work and another tomorrow on my day off...Let's make sure I stick to it!

You too!!!

Zanitta said...

Well done on your loss, as ccc said a loss is a loss! I don't weigh myself untilt he end of the month but I'll let you know then. Also, mmm.. indian food...