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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

~~~~Wednesday Weigh-In~~~~

Okay, so, I never met my 40 points goal this week. The best day was yesterday, when I kept to 42 points. Otherwise, my caloric intake was well above 2000 and often around 2500 calories.

On the scale:


Starting Weight: 289 lbs

Lost this week: 3.5 lbs

I'm happy with that.

I'm not happy that I made a huge batch of oatmeal (the old fashioned, slower cooking kind, made with milk and cinnamon and a dash of vanilla and a bit of honey), and packed it in tupperware, and...left it out on the counter!!! How doofus is that? Argh.
~ ~ ~


Janey100 said...

Congrats on your weight loss...awesome job! And your site is awesome too. I will be checking back often.

Mirtika said...

THANKS, Janey. I LOOOVE your site, which is why youre on my blog royalty list. :D

Thanks for the visit.