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Saturday, May 19, 2007

One Point Down in Body Mass Index!

I couldn't resist getting on the scale this morning: 283.5

I couldn't resist doing the BMI calculation: 46

Hey, that's down 5.5 pounds and down one BMI point. Weee!

Here's hoping that the weekend is not stressful and next Wednesday's Weight-In shows more downward progress.

BTW, note on the sidebar where I've added the model of Princess Dieter--or as close at that site would let me get it to how I look, since I tried getting it to make me a little bigger in the boobies and shoulders, no avail. Click on it and you'll go to the site where you can make your own model. Happy personalizing!

And may your weekend be full of healthful foods in modest caloric portions. :)

I wave my royal scepter at you all for luck and blessing!

~ ~ ~


Crabby McSlacker said...

Hi Mir!

So I'm really not usually quite as stupid as I must appear. Not once, but twice did I go to the wrong place to say hello, and then I tagged you for one of these meme things also at the wrong place. I guess it's hard to get it through my slacky head that people really can maintain more than one blog. Mirathon looked so homey and well tended, I guess I thought I'd found you. But this looks not only like a fun place, it's actually somewhat relevant to the subject of my blog!

So, I'll add you to my friendlies list, and don't worry about playing the meme thing unless you want to annoy some friends and make them link back to you.

Lady Rose said...

Hazzah! Congratulations mi'lady on the loss, keep up the good work. Lady Rose

Spider said...

Congratulations on the weight loss! We are pretty close to the same weight. Keep it up, I will try to keep up with you too.

Mirtika said...


Crabby, no way you're dumb. I just happen to have multiple-blog-personality disorder. It's on the rise, I hear. :)