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Friday, June 4, 2010

That thing about EXERCISE and SEX? Yep. It's TRUE!

Not that I wanna make too much with the details of my whoopsy-boopsy activities on a blog, but I was reading THIS article about exercise boosting men's sexual prowess.

My immediate thought: Not just men, baby!

I gotta admit that for years since I first had my health breakdown, my previously revved-up sex drive took a dive. I actually spent 1.5 years (when I was 30-31 and first ill) having NO sex drive. None. My immune system was too busy attacking me to let my body even have a minute desire for whoopie. After that I had good years, bad years, but nothing like my sex drive BEFORE I got sick.

Well, as my long-term blog readers know, I began training with a certified Stott Pilates instructor in June of 2008 --yep, for 2 years I've been regularly training and it hurts the wallet like a motha' but my hubby and I decided for health and other reasons (whoopsie!), it's worth it to us. A few months (I forget but like 3, 4 months) after I started, I began to feel...unblocked in ye olde pelvic region. And the longer I've done it, the more I want the wild thang. About a year ago, I started to want it ALL THE TIME. Okay, not all the time, but let's say more than once a day. Hubby, as you can imagine, thinks this is a very good effect from Pilates.

I call it "getting my chi unblocked". But I hadn't really changed my eating or my meds or anything other than....stopped being completely sedentary and started building muscle and getting sweaty (at first 3x a week, but the budget caved and I went down to 2x a week after about a year).

If your sex drive has taken a dive in middle age--or before or after--and you're sedentary, honestly, I'm telling you, I'm begging you, give tough physical training a try. I mean vigorous, get sweaty, breathe hard, feel sore the next day type of exercise. Get the blood going to, not just arms and calves, but to those erogenous zones. Strengthen your pelvic/thigh/Kegel/butt muscles. You will really enjoy just being strong enough to do new positions (or positions you hadn't done in a while due to lack of flexibility, lack of muscle, or just plain lack of interest).

I am way more flexible in the sack now. And my thighs and butt and abdomen are really muscular under the huge layer of fat. Now, here's a bit of an embarrassing thing to type: The intensity of the Big O's  increased. I hadn't had a multiple in ages and had one again. I've had blended ones (which I never had before).

If nothing gets you to exercise, mind-blowing O's should do it for ya. Give it a shot. You might not turn into the Energizer Bunny of Boinking, but you may simply regain the desire and ability to follow through with your beloved one. That makes EVERYONE happier. (For men, regular ejaculation decreases risk of prostate cancer. I wonder if regular O's can decrease a woman's ovarian cancer risk? Has that been studied?)

Come on. Exercise for your heart and your sex life.Your partner will likely offer to happily pay for YOUR gym membership or YOUR trainer when the sexy effects are evident.  :D They might even go to the gym with you (just let them read that linked article).

Happy, healthy boinking to you all....


✯FiTCETERA✯ said...

I wish I had someone to boink with. :D

Flabby McGee said...

LOVED this post!!! I hear ya about the lack of ye ol sex drive...I'm there. But the more i lose, the sexier I feel, and the more I want to...you know. Some very true words you got there!!!

Lucy said...

Thanks for linking up to my blog hop.....perhaps if you could inclide the button too, so folk know how to go about joining in? Thanks!

Diminishing Lucy: Fat to Fit - Link Up!

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Lucy, I added the code to my sidebar--scroll down--a few minutes after I joined teh blog hop. BUT..I thought it was Fitcetera's . I got it from her website. Now, I'm confused.

skinnyhollie said...

This post just made me want to go to the gym... a lot. Lol...

Respectfully Yours said...

Great post. Just popped over from blog hop. I am following you now, hope you can "hop" over and follow me too. I agree with this theory, whenever I am working out and feeling good, that area improves for me too. Have a great weekend.