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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Slimmin' Challenge Update: Hey, eating is good! Sleeping is not :(

I didn't sleep enough two days' running, so I crashed and took a nap from 5 to 7:30 this PM. I still feel out of it, but at least I'm not feeling that zombie-sleepy sort of thing.

I need to upload my last few meals (ie, lunch and supper yesterday and lunch today.) I'm doing fine. Had to miss breakfast (which I hardly ever do) cause I had some fasting labwork done at 1:15pm. There's a market a few steps from the lab, so I popped in and got some nice pre-cooked foods: ratatouille, balsamic tomatoes with basil, spinach with orzo, spaghetti squash, cucumber salad, vegetable barley soup, vegetarian lentil soup, curried chicken salad, and a couple of pork chops for hubby with mashies.

I came home famished and had 4 cups of mixed lettuces with a cup of the curried chicken salad. I also had a cup of lentil soup--very diet-friendly with no oil/fat, just a very translucent broth and nice firm lentils with a sprinkling of carrots and celery and onion. It's bland, but oddly comforting. I logged everything on  Sparkpeople: 636 calories.

I still haven't had "lunch", but might combine dinner and lunch since it's already almost 8.

No exercise--I admit, I still feel lethargic. Missing sleep is a bad idea all around, knocked me off my game. I felt great and energetic yesterday despite the record heat. Today, I feel mucky.

I commented on the challenge blogs that had updates as of 7:50pm.

I'm gonna have some (lots of) water and tea before deciding what to eat, and I'll check in later. Mebbe. :)


The Better Idiot said...

I find that with exercise it's the first step, getting yourself to start, that is the hardest. Once you actually do, it's oddly invigorating. Even if the workout has killed me I tend to feel more awake after one. I know it's incredibly easy of me to say 'just start', but I think you'll feel better if you do.

karen said...

I'm the same way. It took me SOOOOO long to start exercising but once I did it's almost as if I can't get enough. If I miss a day or two (which I typically do because Tom's off Sundays & Mondays from work) I start getting real fidgety for it.

The Better Idiot said...

Yeah, I'm kind of bummed I'm missing the 文化祭 (bunkasai: culture festival) this September because it's the school's 100th anniversary so it was bound to be really good this time around. Guess the new ALT will have something to look forward to.

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Hi, thanks for the visit :) I exercised today and although I drag my feet getting to the gym, once I'm there I'm okay...well wait...not at least until 10 minutes into my workout! I'm a slow starter :)