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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funky 5 MeMe, Princess Dieter Style

Felipa of I'M GETTING FIT blog tagged me. Normally, I avoid memes like zee big bad plagues. But I like the name Felipa, so here goes:

Where were you 5 years ago?

Ever since my thyroid died, my memory went with it. Lemme see...2005, June...2005... Hmm..okay, I was getting back into writing, as it was a year after my mother died, and I suffered a 3.5 year long depression over it. I was still very depressed, but struggling to overcome by keeping busy..  I had joined some writing associations and I was working hard to learn the art of novel writing. Later that  year, I won a contest--which began a string of some good writing and some nice acknowledgments, contest wins, etc. In fact, I want to get back to writing. That's part of what getting healthy is for. I was also freaking out, I'm sure, as that was a bad summer full of storms.

Where would you like to be 5 years from now?

A published novelist who is at goal weight and has won an outrageous lotto jackpot. :D

5 things on your to do list today

Wild monkey whoopsies with hubby
Pedicure and manicure (preferably before item 2)
Prepping clothes for the weekend events (anime convention, Father's Day)
Shopping and menu list for what I'm gonna do for Father's Day.

5 snacks you enjoy

cheddar cheese with Fiber Gourmet cheese crackers
D'Lites frozen dessert in German Chocolate Cake
Kashi Cocoa Beach granola with milk

(Basically, if it's got cheese, fruit, or chocolate, or a combo thereof, I like it.)

What are 5 things you would do if you were a billionaire?

~Have the world's most kick-butt library EVER!
~Have the world's most kick-butt music room EVER!
~Be a patroness of struggling female fantasy artists
~Start a mentorship and scholarship foundation in my parents' names that helps the children of impoverished legal immigrants reach their educational and career goals
~Open a comprehensive, residential, non-profit weight loss and fitness re-educational center that offers a holistic (body, mind, spirit) approach to getting healthy, situated in the most beautiful locale I can find, and offer scholarships for selected needy residents or families to stay as long as needed to get healthy--with the program paying their bills for the months of stay. In turn, they will be expected to pay it forward in their own communities by becoming volunteers in their communities' health outreaches upon return to normal life.

So here's the 5 I'm tagging:

I'm not tagging 5 of you. I'm tagging ANY and ALL  of you reading post who wanna play along. Personally, if you're totally wild and crazy and promise to give wacky and unexpected answers, kindly comment with a link so I can go read it. And yeah, link me up to your MeMe if you saw it here first and are gonna do it. Yes, this means YOU. Link me.


The Better Idiot said...

I don't think portion size will be an issue because portion sizes here are a lot smaller anyhow. Sodium, however, is much higher in a lot of things.

I've read about your love of coconut water before and have wanted to try it, unfortunately it doesn't exist here, so there's no way I can get it. Actually, come to think about it I've never seen it in the UK either, but a quick search online shows me that it is available. Guess I'll have to look for it when I get back there.

Felipa said...

HAHA....ok, so I'm glad I got over the 'phase' of wanting to change my name and decided to keep it.
Because "Wild monkey whoopsies with hubby" made me giggle and wonder, is that really what I think it is...
And then Mangos, duh, they're my favorite fruit, but I was so obsessed with cheese in mine...there was no room in my head for that thought.
And my ultimate fave....non-profit weight loss and fitness re-educational center!
You are AWESOME.

Have a Happy Thursday!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Okay... that was fun to read. I have also lost my mom (and then my dad) many years ago when I was just barely a mom and I know that heart ache and loss! I'm glad you are doing better.

I love the "Wild monkey whoopsies with hubby" -- that's my favorite thing on my list!! (tee hee)

And I may not be too bright as I have no idea what "MeMe" is.

Have a wonderful day!