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Friday, June 4, 2010

National Doughnuts Day: DON'T Eat a Donut To Celebrate

If you're someone who has many pounds to spare, this is not something to celebrate. This is something to boycott. Do not go get a free doughnut. Keep moving along.

In fact, this is a good day to post about how I'm not going to order Holey Donuts offerings anymore. I have various reasons, and they're not all about health:

1. Yeah, okay, number one is cause I don't need white flour and sugar goodies in my freezer.

2. You have to order so many boxes (3 box minimum for orders) and pay so much for shipping, the cost is not just to one's pancreas, liver, and adiposity--it's plain not budget-friendly in a time of economic woes. If I'm gonna spend 50 bucks, I should spend it on fresh, nourishing food. And if I have 50 bucks to throw away (see point 5), then I should give it to a community food bank.

3. They don't stay as fresh as claimed. Really. I've had a lot of boxes to test this on. And I have TWO freezers. None of the boxes (except for the cinnamon buns) stayed fresh-tasting and unchanged for more than 3 weeks, and by week two, texture quality was already diminishing.

4. I just realized they don't taste as good as I want a doughnut to taste when I crave a doughnut.

Yes, I think I convinced myself they were tasty because I WANTED them to be. But the last half-dozen times I had one, I realized I was just gobbling and not enjoying. So, I closed my eyes and took bites. And yes. Too sweet mixed with tones of "sour", and not enough mouth richness in the dough (part of what we expect from fatty donuts we've eaten in the past). It's not dreadful, but it's just not worth the calories for me. If I'm gonna eat 200 calories, I want great taste. I want to be satisfied. If I'm gonna risk the liver toxic effects of sugar, it had better send me to the moon, taste-buds wise, or why bother wasting "treat points" with the physiological ickiness?

5.  It turned out wasteful for me as I never finished boxes.

Just to prove how foolish the Princess can be about treats, I've ordered from them about, er, four times. Each time I ended up throwing away about 1/3rd to 1/2 of what I ordered. Why? Cause if I order 4 boxes, unless I have one or two donuts a day, those babies are gonna dry up and become less than delightful to consume (except by the most desperate of junk food junkies).

I shouldn't be eating a donut a day. Not any. Not even lower in fat ones. (And to be honest, I think I was more excited about the IDEA of a lower calorie donut than the reality. ) Mine only stayed edible for about 2 weeks before the incipient dryness started affecting the texture/taste. I will say I ziplocked those babies within minutes of opening the delivery box. In fact, I bought the larger baggies (2 gallon) to fit the boxes right in there as soon as they arrived.

I tried to make them last the stated 2 months. Nah, 2 weeks is more like it. Take out the fat, get the "dry". So, the taste has that low-fat flatness/over-sweetness thing. (Same reason I couldn't enjoy or eat Snackwells. Too sweet. Not enough fat for roundness.)

Honestly, if you get a donut jones, just buy ONE real one, your absolute fave flavor, sit down with a nice fresh cup of java or tea or cocoa or milk, and eat it and be satisfied, then go back to avoiding them in general. Once in a while isn't killer (well, for most of us). But ordering boxes of them--I think that's a recipe for binge-ing for some. Not me, cause they just didn't taste good enough to tempt me to binge, ultimately. But those boxes sitting there...whether Holey Donuts, Krispy Kreme, or Dunkin Donuts...yeah, they can trigger some guys and gals into berserk mode.

So, there you go. Why the Princess is an idiot for continuing to buy stuff that doesn't really satisfy.

200+ calories of ultimately not happy-making dessert: why bother?

For National Doughnut Day--Give up doughnuts/donuts. Boycott 'em. Look down at your belly and hips and thighs, jiggle your upper arms, pinch your inch(es), peek at your last lab results for cholesterol or your AiC, and ask yourself if you really, really are someone who ought to be eating doughnuts? Even a free one?

Heck, if it's sugar we want with fat, a wee piece of luxurious dark chocolate is better for you. Go for that today instead of a chocolate donut....


The Project Author said...

I'm a sucker for freebies but have gotten much better about passing on freebies that will cost me later...guilt, upset stomach, added pounds! Good post!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I was really disappointed in the holy donuts.... very gross when you don't eat them immediately! Oh well. I did not eat a donut on national donut day.... yay! While I may be a sucker for freebies I need to be in control.

Oh and you could probably get the linen stripe cover-up from VS that one runs really big!

xo have a fabulous weekend love!