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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Muscle Difference: I can wear at 265 lbs what I used to wear at 250 lbs

I am not kidding.

As I sit here, I'm wearing a shirt that's like 9 years old. I remember wearing it to OUTBACK with hubby (I hate that restaurant, but he likes it). I remember cause I felt pretty in my blue, floral print, fluttery, chiffony top that I finally fit into (with just a bit of snugness at the belly) after going to Weight Watchers and losing a bunch of pounds. There is no longer snugness at the belly. It just plain FITS.

Funny how I can remember weights attached to certain clothing pieces. The fat-gal memory files relating to poundage is undimmed by age, whereas I can barely remember the ending of a novel I read last month.

This particular blouse was at the back of the closet. Hadn't fit me in a long time. Since before my mom was dying in 2003. It was back there in the dim recesses of my walk-in along with my "sparkly goal dress", size 20 that I bought in the late 90's, but it didn't fit back then. (I got up to size 30/32 in 2004, btw. And clearly, size 20 has crept up tons, cause there's no way I'm a size 20, period. This dress is a stretchy mutant. But I took a pic to try to show how it's SHORT and SPARKLY and has a classic cut--so it would be fashionable for years and years and years...heh. I'll upload it later and add it to this post. I gotta get back to closest-clearing before I exercise pre-meal.)

I had been going through the closet looking to see what might fit me now. I hadn't done it since more then 10 pounds ago, so I figured why shop in the stores if stuff I hadn't worn ever or in a while might fit me.

Well, shoot, there really is some weird thing going on, cause my "sparkly goal dress", size 20, which didn't fit me at 254 (when I bought it), fits me at 265. My fluttery top that I wore at 250 (yes, I remember the weigh-in and my joy at getting the top to celebrate), fits me at 265.

The Pilates difference. The muscle versus fat difference.

I weigh more, but after two years of regular hard workouts, a lot more of this weight is muscle than it was last time. That means that while I'm morbidly obese, I'm definitely less fat than last time I was 255 (and sedentary). Prolly less fat than when I last was 250 (cause the belly is not snug on the shirt).

So, a fifteen pound fit difference...shoot. I'm pretty amazed.

Makes one wanna keep working out. :)

Anyway, my "sparkly goal dress", size 20, fits now, and hubby says I look "great" in it. (He is blinded by love, but it makes me happy to hear that all the same.) My 27th wedding anniversary is Friday. Two days away.

I think I may need to figure out how to wear that sparkly dress out for dinner, yes? :)


Traci said...

I was just commenting on someone else's blog the exact same thing. It's amazing the difference going down the scale with muscle instead of more fat. I am way more physically active and can wear things that I used to wear probably 20 lb. lighter than I am now. Crazy. It fits better/is bigger now than it was then.

Deb said...

Sounds like you have a good reason to put on that dress and celebrate! Happy Anniversary!

Lucy said...

How cool. What a great way to look at it!

And a really good reminder that it really isn't about a number on the scale, it is about how we feel in our own skin, how we fit into our clothes, and what our silhouette looks like!

And...Fat to Fit is up again: I would love it if you wanted to link up again!

Diminishing Lucy: Fat to Fit (Week 6!)

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

Yes! Wear your sparkly dress out for dinner :) Exercise does wonders for the fat soul in all of us. I hate exercise, but it's a shot of confidence straight into the veins that has me returning to the gym. After my workouts, I am physically po0ped out, but my mind is loving the accomplishment. Great job on your workouts!

Grace said...

Hi! I'm brand new to the weight-loss blogging world and just found your blog today! You have a new follower. :D

I noticed in your profile that you like Kieth Green's music. We love him over here, too!

Love, Grace

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Thanks, all you gals.

Grace, I remember crying up a storm when his accident took him and two of his kids to Heaven. So sad for Melody. I can't even begin to imagine what it is to lose a husband and two children with another in your womb not even born to see its father. Man. But his music and preaching lives on. He was definitely prophetic.