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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fatwings: How my arms look now...

I'm gonna show you my upper arms  and me at 266 lbs in the sun. My batwings. Er, okay, fat wings. Hanging in the bright noonday light.

The thing is that I wish you could FEEL them. I have MUSCLE under all that blubber. Two years of Pilates and I have lots of muscle. But...fat covereth a multitude of muscle, it seems.


Anyway, since I'm starting a challenge on Sunday--I'll post on that shortly so some of y'all who need a boost for the summer fatfight can join in--I wanted documentation of their size NOW. By next June, I want those babies to be smaller. (And I'm using MSM cream daily for a week plus now and taking Zinc supplementation hoping that helps with elasticity a bit.)

Here we go. A pic taken Monday, May 31, 2010.

I present the royal fatwings:

Dang, my boobies look big, too, huh?

Note the utter joy on my face. I am proof one can be fat and happy. I may suffer from bouts of depression, but when the blues take a hike, I'm a happy gal being photographed by a happy guy (whom I love madly and who loves me madly, hooray). Love is more potent than fat. :) And I hope you feel joyful even if you have huge fatwings like me.

Take a cue from Lisa and her own pics of her upper arms as they used to be at a weight very close to mine now: Be happy, dance, have joy, enjoy life, even if your body is a source of shame or frustration at times, refuse to give in to the negative self-views. Be full of cheer NOW, not when you're 40 or 100 or 200 lbs slimmer. You have to have fun with what you have now. You have to love the you that you are now. Don't hide away. Don't wait to be fully you. Don't wait for the miracle diet or miracle pill or miracle protein drink. Just glow now.

Okay, I showed you mine. Now, let me see YOUR fatwings or droopy thighs or hanging abdomen or whatever it is you'd like to see change a bit or a lot this summer. Take a shot. Post it. Document it. Then make it....history. But not shameful history. Just plain old...history.

And you know what? Post a pic even if you are NOT going to work on changing a dang thing, if you're fat and happy and sassy and not gonna diet or run a marathon or do anything but be zaftig self. That's fine, too.

Post a comment with a link if you have the cojones to show your fat to the world with a smile on your face.



Katie J said...

What is MSM cream?

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Katie, I mentioned why I bought it and posted a pic of the brand I bought at this blog entry last month:

Fashion Meets Food said...

Girl honestly I give you so much credit for being happy with yourself seriously good for you. In college I lost a TON of weight, I hated myself I hid from pictures and spent the first two years of it putting myself down and hurting people. I focused so much on "getting skinny" that I didn't focus on getting rid of fat and gaining muscle I now have a wedding coming up and "fat wings" as you call them because I never did ANYTHING about it. You can hide your stomach and thighs but your arms you cannot hide! So I really need to work on that and because of this post am actually going to go take a picture and hope to see change by my August wedding!


p.s. you are absolutely gorgeous!