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Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Post Anime Convention Cheese-Freak 2nd Summer Slimmin' Weigh-In

Last Sunday: 265.2

Today: 263.2

Loss this week: 2 lbs

I like the downward trajectory. And I know it's a solid loss, cause I ate semi-poorly yesterday and gave in to salt again in the form of way too much parmesan cheese. I mean, I think I had like a cup of the stuff, shredded. I'm serious. Explanation to follow:

It's been busy. So much so, I didn't log my food yesterday, cause I wasn't HOME yesterday. Gone all day to an anime convention. I consider the hours of walking around as exercise. Hah!

Food choices there were iffy, and I did not behave saintly. But I didn't act the way I would have were I NOT at least trying not to go hog wild. Seriously.

I ended up having half a burger (hubby got other half) and had salad TWICE, with super salty dressing and cheese.  A lot of cheese. At least a cup of shredded parmesan. And yes, I caved to croutons. For dessert, I had a melon cup (it was the only fresh fruit available.) But I no danishes, muffins, cakes, chocolate, or the cheesy nachos that were ubiquitous as the Japanese packaged snacks. The only junk food item I had was 3 1/2  sticks of strawberry Pocky (Z and Midori know what that is, right?), while my hubby polished off the rest of the box.

On the drive home around 11:30pm, I had a raging pizza craving, and hubby and I almost went to a local joint that stays open late and has really popular NY style. But then I said, "No, let's go home," and I assuaged my remaining hunger with a a saute of four veggies and 4 oz of ground beef.  And sugar-free jello.

The lowest I'd gotten to this week was 262.4, which had made me squeal like a schoolgirl. I intend to see that number again this week, and wave goodbye to it.

Water, except for yesterday, was good. Exercised 3 days (last week 2 days). Logged faithfully EVERY BITE, except yesterday. Was okay with encouraging.

So, that's the SS update.

I hope my challenge momentum isn't affected by a medication switch-up.
The doctor is altering my thyroid regimen at my request--I want to add in Cytomel, so she'll be reducing the dosage of Levoyxl--which means I may have some thyroid level wackiness while we get to the best dosage for me. I hope I don't fall out of range (my optimum range is very narrow and I can start feeling crappy and gaining weight pretty easily). I just want to try this and see if it improves my mood issues and memory issues.

Okay, so a pretty decent week, if not perfect.


Mom to the Fourth Power said...

Nice Loss! Way to stick to things and not give in to the temptation of Pizza that would only have made you feel yucky later. You are strong girl!!!


The Better Idiot said...

Yep, I know pocky, though I prefer Toppo, which are pretzel tube/sticks with filling inside instead of as a coating.

As long as you keep doing what you're doing then even if the medecine does make things funky while you experiment with doses, you'll have a solid reason for what happens (or doesn't happen) on the scale. The biggest challenge for you will be maintaining a good headspace if you don't see the numbers, rather than using it as an excuse to eat whatever.

You made some good choices this week, so well done!

Midori Mighty Warrior said...

I sure do know about strawberry Pocky - good stuff - almost as good as the chocolate :)

Great job on the loss. I think you did pretty good on what you ate considering where you were - conventions or any other places like that can be highly challenging. I think what you didn't eat is just as important - good job :)

Liza said...

Congrats on the loss, that is definitely something to be proud of!!!

The Better Idiot said...

Hmmm, I don't know why the Linky was giving you trouble, it must have been an issue on the host end because things have been fine here.

Traci said...


Val said...

Supplementing w/Cytomel didn't seem to do much for me, but "your mileage may vary"...
Finally switched over to name-brand Synthroid after 12+ yrs on a generic, but it's still taken me YEARS to get straightened out!
Good luck; my memory's pretty shot too...