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Monday, June 14, 2010

Calorie Blooper and Scale Neener

My scale has a sense of humor.

Yesterday, I went 315 calories over my 1800 self-imposed limit level, but I weighed in back in the 264's (264.8). It's like it knew yesterday was weigh-in day and it played a trick on me, and today was done with the joke. ; )

Anyway, here's my food update for today:

Breakfast: egg whites with 1 slice 2% Kraft American cheese; two and 1/3 Diet-To-Go Apple Pancakes with Smucker's Sugar Free syrup; coffee, water.  It's under 500 cals, so it's fine, and got me the energy for my Pilates workout. ( Last week I had veggies with my pre-Pilates breakfast, and got some bowel rumblies as a result, so no broccoli/spinach/asparagus pre-exercise!)

Post exercise snack: sugar-free vanilla grande iced latte from Starbucks. (I gotta look it up, but it's like 150 or less).

Lunch: I had a yen for comfort food, so I got Cuban style black bean soup, boiled yuca (cassava, a starchy root vegetable near-and-dear to the Cubans), grilled chicken breast (not comfort food, but wanted protein), and romaine lettuce with salsa for dressing. Roughly 500, but I need to Spark it.

So maybe I'm up around 1000 or 1100+, which would leave me 600-700 for supper or supper/snack. I'm having a yen for apple and peanut butter, so I need to factor that in and still get my fruits veggies.

Since I exercised hard, I should have burned enough to make up for yesterday's overage.


Shelley said...

Hi, I am gonna start following you. I am an obese woman of 45 years and your "diet" is the most reasonable sounding so far. Congrats on the loss of 32 lbs. I like that you have a would be happy weight. I'd be happy with 250, but that is over a hundred pounds for me.
I hope to get some exercise in, but my RA limits my joints as to what they can do. But it is encouraging to me that you are posting. Hopefully, it will help keep me in a postivie frame of mind.

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Shelley, do it! Let's do it! Let's get to "be happy" weights, but let's be happy NOW, too. Sucks about the RA. I have crap knees, especially the L one with the torn ACL ligament I tore 2 decades ago+ doing aerobics (high impoact). But you can do something, even if it's in water or sitting down. Something is accessible to you. Go for it!

The Better Idiot said...

sounds like a plan! I think, given that you've been exercising and eating well, that one blooper doesn't matter too much, jsut be careful it doesn't sneak in regularly.