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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm not sure I'm doing the Blog Hop Thing Right, Hmmm...Lemme try to fix this....

I saw a blog hop sign-up on Fitcetera blog, and I added this blog and copied the code and put it in my sidebar (scroll down).

I think I did that wrong. Lucy of DIMINISHING LUCY left me a comment, and apparently, I "royally" screwed this up. I'm not all that bloggy-tech savvy, so I'll try to fix that now, but, really, I think I'm MORE confused after reading Lucy's directions. (So much for my 136 IQ).

Okay, here goes with the button:

The button's also on my sidebar now, replacing the actual blog hop list, which is what I'd put there before. The list:

I'll even backdate it to Thursday to keep things in order here.

Man, if this is still wrong, slap me hard. I will link to a FITNESS/DIET post next Thursday, not one explaining what a dumbass I am re blogging linky/html stuff. :) Normally, I'm so good about following rules. Sorry if I made a mess this time for ya, Lucy. I didn't even know you were involved. Ahem.

Now, for those wanting a challenge, please see previous post on the challenge that begins SUNDAY, yes SUNDAY, June 6 and runs through 8/6. Just two months of focusing on health and slimming: SUMMER SLIMMIN' CHALLENGE.

For those wanting to know a totally orgasmic reason to exercise: HERE Ya go.

Forgive my spazziness and I'll try to do you right NEXT THURSDAY. :)

Nitey all....


Lucy said...

Oh sweet pea, thank you: you have done a brilliant job with all the code...and I love your blog. Off for a really good trawl through it all now......

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Oh, yippee. I didn't wanna get Lucy-whacked for messing up again. :D

Lucy said...

Hahhah, 'cos I am a wicked witch!