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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sparkly Factoid: Fruit Feeds Your Brain!

The reason for fruit's brain-boosting effect? It's all about the flavonoids, those amazing antioxidants that fight disease and might be one of your best defenses against cognitive decline. In a study, people who had the highest flavonoid intake performed best throughout a 10-year period on tests of verbal fluency, logical reasoning, and visual memory.

--from "Your Brain on Fruit" by RealAge.com


Scale Junkie said...

I love fruit! Pass the strawberries and could you dip them in chocolate along the way, dark chocolate, its good for you too ;-)

HappyBlogChick said...

So my apple a day is going to help keep me mentally sharp, eh? That's good news!

Mattie said...

I have just started a blog myself in an attempt to begin (publicly) a healthier lifestyle.

I really like your blog and definitely will enjoy reading your progress posts.

I also really like your attitude. It's strong and yet has a soft side.

MizFit said...

just did a magazine article on brain fitness and was surprised at (OOPS) all the brain foods (hello blueberries!) I didnt get regularly.

is it time for me to do my real age? probably :)

Ive been avoiding that for years.


Tori said...

Hi, I found you through Fat Fighters and I'm glad I did. Looks like your doing great.
Looking forward to reading more. °Ü°