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Thursday, February 14, 2008

MANGO MADNESS: Amazing Raw Fruit Pie!!!

I had bragged in a previous post about the Glaser Organic Farms raw fruit mamey pie.

Well, yesterday I had a delivery of their fresh, raw products (shipped next day in a cooler), and the mango raw fruit pie is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I wish I had ordered a whole bunch to have one EVERY DAY~~~!!!

Mango is my fave fruit. Unfortunately, it's not good every day and the crops seem to be iffy in the past years. Also--expensive. But it was a delight to have it made up in a raw pie. Gosh.

I had wanted to order a raw cake for my birthday party (this Saturday, though my b.d. is during next week), the chocolate banana tiramisu, but it wasn't possible to have it shipped. I'd have to get it at their farmer's market event. Oh, well. Maybe some other Saturday.

I also have tried their chocolate pudding (no dairy, raw, vegan, fabulous, but pricey) and their Spinach Pesto (soooooooo yummy). I wish their farm or farmer's market was close by. I'd be dropping by weekly for stuff. They sell out fast at Whole Foods.

If you're ever in a place with Glaser Organic Farms mango fruit pie (or mamey, or pineapple), try it. Especially if, like me, you go nuts for mango.



Lady T said...

u know....i've never gotten the mango. it has such allure. its so beautiful and has such luscious connotation.

then i tried it, and was surprised and just how awful i thought it was! lol!

Glad you enjoyed it though! maybe i should try it again? hmmmm......

Spinach Pest sounds awesome, though.


Felicia said...

Love mangos! We get really crappy ones here most of the time but once in a great while Costco will have a good crate of them. Not often though *sigh*. All your RAW stuff sounds so interesting and yummy! Glad to hear you are enjoying it!


Honi said...

that sounds good will keep an eye out for it...

Anonymous said...

I just started reading you and am fascinated. My husband is high raw and I'm starting to lean that way; we are both vegan. I enjoy your diary.