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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Bummer ....and HALLELUJAH!

Bad news: When I went to weigh-in today, there was a pool of water where my scale is. Leaking from heavy rains yesterday and last night. We've had a small leak since Hurricane Madness a couple years ago, but, apparently, it's worse. We had roofing guys come and check it out back when, and they kept saying it wasn't the roof. No building contractors were free (after the multiple hurricane whammies of two-year's running, it really was nuts here finding people to fix stuff). Now, money is tighter, and it's stressful thinking of going through that hassle. (I will not stress eat, I will not stress eat, I wil not...)

Good news: After hubby and I wiped up the wet mess and I moved my scale to a dry spot:


Dang. That's a relief. Clearly, sleeping 12 hours has its benefits. I was sure I was gonna be up after all that soy sauce in my macrobiotic-vegan supper yesterday. Well, okay, I added extra. (If you ever get to try one of the Macro-Vegetarian ready-to-eat bento boxes, I recommend the one with dumplings and brown rice with adzuki beans. Faboo.)Note: Each Bento Box has two servings, and I ate both. So, double the nutritional/calorie info at that link. Double the sodium, too. Yikes. But, hey, 12 grams of fiber!

There ya go: Good news, bad news.

If anyone's had a leak that wasn't the roof but some structural thing, drop me a comment on how you went about getting a contractor and what they did. Thanks. I'm all about gathering info now.

I need coffee. Lots of coffee to go with my organic fresh-squeezed OJ, organic splelt English muffins, eggs, and papaya.


OhYeahBabe said...

WTG! :-) Sorry about the leak - I hope it's a simple cleanup!
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Teale said...

How great for you to be in the next weight "decade" Awesome!

Heather said...

awesome! I am so glad the scale moved for you. Sorry about the water :(

Scale Junkie said...

make sure they fix that leak properly so you don't end up with mold, I don't have to tell you how dangerous it can be!