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Monday, February 4, 2008

Easter Challenge: Pretty Much Holding

Last week was 272.0.

Today was 271.2.

Essentially, I'm still in the holding pattern. Yeah, that's .8 lb down, but that's still in fluctuation/maintaining range.

But, better that than up, I say.

So, along with some other bloggers who have stuck around the same numbers for weeks, I'm struggling to recapture momentum.

But I'm not gaining. And that's a plus in my book. Any week of a little down or the same is a minor victory.

This is my birthday month, so I'd really like to get some fire in my belly over weight loss again. I'll be praying on it.

I've been doing a lot more cooking, which is good. It was one of my goals to learn to make stuff both that I liked and hubby would eat. (I'm a pretty crappy cook.) Hubby was very happy with the boneless blackened pork chops I made last night. It was a nearly 100% organic meal--the meat, the potatoes, the apple, the carrots, and the onions and cajun spices were all organic. The extra-virgin olive oil was not. (Although I have purchased an organic one, the one I've used for years is Goya, a Spanish EVOO that has great flavor and terrific low price, not the high-priced gourmet sorts.) My iced tea was from "fair trade" tea. So, hey, a pretty virtuous meal in various ways. I had papaya and blueberries for dessert, with a homemade "specialty" coffee. (I love that sugar-free caramel syrup from Starbucks. I add some quality cocoa powder with the caramel syrup in the coffee, and some milk, and it's just yummy.)

Obviously, I have not been going hungry!!!

I have some organic spinach soaking for degritting. I'm in the mood for a spinach-strawberry salad for lunch. What protein, not sure. Maybe I'll add some sort of cheese. I have an organic Vegan bento box meal in today's grocery delivery that I can have for my supper.

I may make a pizza for Tuesday, when hubby and I watch American Idol (he's hooked on it, I could take it or leave it.) I have an organic crust, organic mozzarella, and organic tomato sauce and veggies. So, yeah, that's an option.

With the economy being really shaky, and hubby's employer being VERY VERY shaky, I figure I had better start learning to make things we enjoy and that can be easy on the budget. So, more "home economics" sort of thinking will be going on round here.

I suppose eating LESS is economical and would please the scale, too. :)

Happy week and FEBRUARY to all. And for those of you who follow the Christian tradition, enjoy your feasting tomorrow, since Wednesday is Ash Wednesday, and the start of Lent. Easter is getting close!

Onward and (one hopes) DOWNward!


Sarah R said...

I've been fluctuating around the same weight for the last couple months as well. You're not alone on that front.

The pork chops sounded yummmy!

Anonymous said...

Not gaining is definitely a success and should be noted!

Heather said...

congrats on your loss! that is fabulous.

Chubby Chick said...

That is a loss, girl! Congrats!

And thanks for the kind comment you left me. I really appreciate it. :)

Lyn said...

Hey there! Looks like we are on the same "maintain" wavelength. I stayed around 248 for 2 months. I got my mojo back this month and am down 4 ounds so far. It's so hard to get motivated but once you start, the momentum will carry you through. Spring is just around the corner! You can do it :)